2017: The Year Of The Highlighter

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2017 is being hailed as the year of anti-contouring – Hallelujah *raises hands in air!* Contouring has had its time in the limelight. It’s time for something new; it’s time for the highlighter. I am totally here for the shiny new contender and all it has to offer. Let’s step back, highlighting is not actually a new makeup trend it has been around for ages. It has gone through more name changes than Puff Daddy, I mean P Diddy, I mean Diddy, Sean Combs etc… Okay so back to highlighting aka, strobing or illuminating, hit the fashion magazines early 2015. The trend didn’t gain full steam until this year, when all the runways were sporting the dewy no-makeup-makeup looks. The heavy chiseled lines of contouring have been replaced by its antithesis, highlighting – where there is neither precision nor lines. I love the freedom I am allotted when applying highlighter. There are no rules and you can pretty much apply it anywhere to the face or body for that fresh-fresh. If you already haven’t jumped on the illuminating bandwagon, then checkout my list below:

Do you agree with me? Do you think 2017 is the year of the highlighter? Send me your favorite looks that you have created with strobing/highlighting/illuminating. I am always looking for a fresh new take on trends. Email me at sadaf@just4girls.pk/blog.

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