2017’s Most Questionable Beauty Trends

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This year has been full of creative, cool, and funky trends. Some of these trends such as, vamp lips and sleek straight hair have been recycled from the 90’s. Other trends like female buzz cuts are fresh and exciting. As many cool fads that have come out in 2017, there have been an equal amount if not more horrendous ones. The beauty world is known to push boundaries and inspire change, however that was not always the case. We saw beauty bloggers start the craziest trends such as, wavy eyebrows or blotchy lipstick. These trends were something to say the least. It actually made my stomach churn looking at some of these ‘beauty’ trends. Okay, I am going to jump right into my list. Checkout these crazy 2017 trends that we hope to never see again:

  • Black Highlighter – Affirmative – black highlighter was a thing this year. Seems like the exact opposite of what highlighter is supposed to do and is. A big swatch of black pigment on your skin does not highlight, if anything it creates a hollow/dented look. To combat this trend, why not tryout a radiant sheer highlighter. My go to this year is, Makeup Revolution Liquid Highlighter (PKR 1,100), offered in seven different shades. It is so shimmery and luminous, you will look like the goddess you are.
  • Lollipop Lips – Also called make out lips or blurred lips became a thing this year. Truly this is just one big hot mess! You take your lipstick and coat beyond your actual lip line and smudge it all around. This look was seen on runways and editorials of Preen and MAC. With this trend you end up looking like a sick child with chapped lips. Skip this fad and tryout a sheen lip stain that stays within the lip line.
  • Glitter Booty – Yes, this is a thing. If you thought glitter scalps were extra, you have not seen the glitter butt. Glitter gluts were at a ton of festivals this year, such as Coachella. This fad is exactly what it sounds like. Put on a pair of panties or bathing suit bottoms, rub hair gel on the exposed parts of the booty, and then sit in glitter – voilà! If you want to partake in the glitter trend you don’t have to go this far. Why not do something more subtle and line your eyelid with a bomb glitter liner.
  • Nose Hair Extensions– You don’t need glasses, you read this correctly the first time. We must have run out of original beauty trends this year for someone to come up with this. If you haven’t seen this yet, consider yourself lucky. All I can say is the extensions look like spider legs are creeping out of your nostrils. Let’s combat nose hair; if you have nose tresses get rid of them with tweezers.

If you were victim to any of these trends don’t be sad. It is always cool to try out new things. Not everyone is bold enough to follow through. I personally would never do any of these trends, but mad respect to anyone who don’t give a f***!


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