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In the skincare world there is a luxurious trend going on at the moment – precious metals, more specifically – gold. Gold infused skincare may be new and trendy in the western world, but gold has been used by many civilizations and cultures. The Romans, Egyptians, and Japanese have been incorporating gold into their beauty routine since the early times. These aforementioned civilizations knew the benefits of this precious metal beyond just making it into extraordinary jewelry. Before we jump into all the benefits of gold and all its healing properties we have to talk about all the gimmicks also.

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When buying skincare that contains gold or any other precious metal is can be risky. Most of the time you will be investing a lot of money. So if you are getting gold infused skincare for cheap, that should be your first red flag. You have to distinguish between skincare products that say it is gold infused and the ones that are truly gold infused. A failsafe rule is always read the ingredients of any skincare product. Just because it costs a lot of money and contains ‘gold’ doesn’t necessarily mean it does.

Jumping back to the benefits of gold and why we are seeing it in everything from creams, oils, masks, butters etc… Checkout the compelling list below about why gold is such a transformative ingredient. Once you read about all the benefits I bet in no time will you be strutting around like a gold goddess.

Combat Sun Damage:

Whether you love tanning or avoid the sun at all costs, we are all susceptible to sun damage. Tanning is the production of melanin or brown/black pigments in the skin when exposed to sunlight. The production of melanin can be reduced with gold. So for those of you that are highly concerned of getting tanned, start incorporating gold into your skincare world.

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Control And Heal Inflammation:

Experts say that gold contains anti-bacterial and anti-inflammation properties that aid oxygen to be absorbed by the skin for cell renewal. This helps with cuts and ulcers and other inflammatory skin disorders.

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Say Goodbye To Wrinkles, Fine Lines,  and Spots:

We all strive for clear, wrinkle-free skin that naturally glows. Gold can stimulate basal skin cells. Basal cells produce new skin as the old cells die out. The more basal cells the more elasticity of the skin. Therefore the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines and marks and even blemishes diminish and your skin looks younger and healthier.

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Gold Can Brighten Your Skin Complexion:

Taking it way back to ancient Egypt and the reign of Cleopatra, it has been believed that her skincare routine contained gold. Cleopatra would put a gold mask on every night before heading to bed. This helped enhance her complexion, brighten her skin, and keep her looking glowing and beautiful.

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As you can see from the list above that the benefits of gold are bountiful. There are a lot of products out there with gold, so you have to be picky and do you research. After looking and scrounging the market I finally found the product of my dreams: ZAURIA 24K Rosé. The product is as lux as it sounds, a gorgeous beauty oil that contains nano-particles of 24K gold. The gold is infused into medley of fine facial oils such as Bulgarian rose, jojoba, and rosehip just to name a few. Precious metal and precious oils what more could you desire from a skincare product? ZAURA 24K Rosé will launch in a few days in Pakistan, exclusively on Just4Girls.pk.

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