3 Essential Makeup Brushes That All Beauty Lovers Need

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As a makeup enthusiast it is sad for me to say that my brush game is really weak, actually it’s non-existent. I have never bought a makeup brush – gasp! I have always just used what has come with the cosmetics. For example, some eyeshadow palettes and blushes come with applicators and I just by default use those. It was not until recently I was at a cosmetics event and a makeup artist stressed the importance of brushes. During the session she showed us examples of using your fingers/wrong brush versus using the correct brushes. The difference was so astonishing that it made me second-guess all my makeup decisions. I left the brush workshop that day and picked up three brushes that every makeup newbie and veteran needs. It’s time for me to become the boss of my brushes and you to become the boss of yours.

Foundation Brush –

Arguably the most important brush for makeup application. This is the brush that applies the base of the rest of your makeup. Pour/squirt/drop liquid foundation onto the back of your hand, and swipe the brush through. Make sure you have a tight grip on of the brush and apply in strokes from the forehead to the hairline and all the way down to the neck. Try these foundation brushes below:

L.A Girl Pro-Brush – Flat Foundation – GPB109 (PKR 800)

Makeup Revolution Brush – Pro F101 Foundation (PKR 544) on sales from PKR 640

Morphe Deluxe Large Foundation Brush – S1 (PKR 1,599)

MUA Brush Foundation Blending – F2 (PKR 1,500)

[easy-image-collage id=2811]

Powder Brush –

This is a mega-sized brush that is used for powder application. With this brush application the key is less is more. When using this brush make sure you are doing a gentle dusting of powder not a full out chalk-up. Use the shake and bang method, make sure the lid is on tight of your powder and shake it a few times. Then bang the product on the nearest table upright. Once your open the container there will be powder that has stick to the lid of the container. Dip your brush into the lid and grab product that way so you are getting too much on your brush. Apply evenly along your T-zone and any other area that is troublesome. Checkout these brushes:

[easy-image-collage id=2816]

Luscious Cosmetics Face Powder Brush – F5 (PKR 1,400)

MUA Brush Powder – F4 (PKR 1,800)  

Oriflame Precision Powder Brush – 29655 (PKR 599)

Real Techniques Powder Brush – 01401 (PKR 1,999)

Blush Brush –

Ohhh the OG the blush brush! Everyone even makeup novices have used the blush brush. There really is no other way to apply blush without it. This is a dome shaped brush that is perfect for applying color to your cheeks. Again a little bit goes a long way with blush also. Avoid clown cheeks by building up the color. Don’t go crazy all at once and apply a pink chalk line to your face. These are my fav blush brushes below:

[easy-image-collage id=2823]

MUA Brush Blush Buki – F10 (PKR 2,500)

Luscious Cosmetics Powder Blush Brush – F4 (PKR 950)

Makeup Revolution Brush – Pro Curve Contour Blusher & Highlighter

W7 Cosmetics Blusher Brush (PKR 1,290)

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