3 Eyebrow Trends You Should Try Right Now

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3 Eyebrow Trends You Should Try Right Now

A few people say the eyes are the windows to the spirit. Be we think the eyebrows are. Eyebrows enormously affect your look, and by changing only the shape or color, you can totally change. Obviously, most days we do the standard filling in and care, however in all fairness, that can get old. So in an effort to shake up our look and kick this everyday grooming up a notch, we set up together three brow looks that’ll take you from plain ol’ polish to immediate head-turning.

The Contrasting Brow

Some of the time the greatest changes originate from the littlest of changes. This change can be as straightforward as simply developing the shade of your brows. First, tidy up your set. Utilize a slanted pencil, to shape and fill them in. Begin at the most extensive part of your brow and make short, strokes along your natural brow line. And Draw in the direction your hair actually grows, filling in any meager areas.

Next, pack on the shading. Pick a tinted gel that is a shade darker than your hair and sweeps it through your eyebrows, beginning at the inner corners and working outward. Brush on maybe a couple coats, creating a pigment as you go and, voilà. You have strong, contrasting eyebrows.

Feathered Brows

Feathered brows are the “no cosmetics” look for your eyes. They’re full, normal looking, and cunningly tousled on purpose. To get the fullest brows, you have to keep your hands off them for six to eight weeks, so they can completely grow in. Then, after you’ve been extremely patient, snatch those tweezers and tidy up any stray hairs. Use a thin-tipped pencil to fill in sparse spots as required. The more slender the pencil you use, the more hair-like and exact your strokes will show up. Use a dry spool to brush your brows upward, then include volume and color with a tinted gel. Brush on a couple of coats, and you’ll have brows worthy of a runway.

Glittery Arches

These glittery eyebrows are ideal for those who likes to sparkle, truly. It calls for some radiance, as well as a well-defined, shapely brow. For that look, paint along your brow line with a cream-gel. Then use a brush to apply the coloring, tapering the edges into angled points. Now, place a drop of hand cream onto the back of your hand. Search for a product with a thick consistency to best hold the glitter set up. Touch a little eyeshadow brush into the creams to start with, then dunk into a pot of glitter.

Fill the glitter just underneath your brows, sketching out the base of your arches with shine and sparkle. See what I mean? We told you you’d blow some people’s minds.

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