6 Eye Products We All Needed Yesterday. For Real, Though

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Green & Purple Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial – Contemporary Asian/ Indian/ Pakistani Makeup by Asian Bridal Looks on Youtube.


Purple Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial by Asian Bridal Looks on Youtube. You guys should really check them out and give their channel a follow! This is a gorgeous look and I’m going to attempt to try it myself.

I’ve been really obsessed with eye looks recently. That includes eyeshadow, eyeliner and even false lashes. I’ve been fairly neutral in my makeup routine for about ten years or so now. The hustle and bustle of day to day life, motherhood, work, yoga and all the in-between are things I’ve used as excuses not to continue with my makeup artistry skills.

Hey, it happens to the best of us, right? Life gets busy, we get complacent, it’s all good.

When I was younger, I used to be first in line at any makeup counter or store when a new product out. I had at least ten trunks full of makeup which I used on myself and others. I was finishing a degree in Music Business and Mass Communication ( Journalism and Public Relations ) with a minor in Film and Theatre Makeup with the next step being to go to Animation School and join the entertainment industry.

However, as time goes on, things change. This is just a normal part of the journey we call humanity. Paths alter and fork into new destinations, we learn new things, meet new people, and our horizons broaden. Then, when children come along, our priorities shift as is the natural way of things.

I found myself thinking in different terms since I had children, and I traded my makeup kit and performing career for life in the retail sector and content writing.

Now my children are older, I’m back in the work force and I hear makeup artistry calling me once again. Make no mistake about it; creating ornate and beautiful looks, especially with eyes, is a skill that takes much time and practice. The Influencers, Bloggers and Makeup Artists we see on our favorite social media channels make this process look effortless, but in reality, they have spent hundreds and possibly thousands of hours learning, honing and perfecting their skills.

Tarte Magic Star Collector's Set at Just4Girls.pk
Tarte Magic Star Collector’s Set available at Just4Girls.pk

If you’re wanting to rev up your eye game and go the next mile, here are some fabulous products I recommend that will help you go the distance:

  1. Tarte Magic Star Collector’s Set: If you’re wanting to go all out and get the best for your money, then this is the set to go with. It features  twenty five eyeshadow shades palette, two shades of blush, bronzer ( and it’s matte ) and a  golden champagne highlighter. It also features a mini Lash Paint Mascara and two Tarteist lip colors ( one in matte and one in glossy ). When I was working for a Big Three Cosmetics Company, I would have customers who hated the idea of plunking down certain amounts for things, because it seemed “too expensive.” In reality, this is a palette that can and should last you at least two to three months if you’re using it every day; longer if you use it occasionally ( in regards to the eyeshadows and blush, not so much the mini mascaras and lippies). What I always encourage people to do is to estimate that you’ll use it every day for two months straight. Then divide what you paid ( plus shipping ) by sixty. That will give you how much per day this breaks down to. It actually ends up being cheaper than buying everything separately at different times and paying shipping each time.
  2. Tarte Limited Edition Pretty and Purrrfect Eye Set: Guys, I can’t stress enough how every single beauty fanatic needs this set in their makeup kit. The Sex Kitten Liquid Liner alone is full size and totally worth it. You also get a mini sized kohl liner and mascara. Tip: I use the kohl pencil to define a straight line, do my eyeshadow look, then trace over it in the liquid to make a more seamless look. Then I apply my mascara.
  3. Tarte Amazon Escape Volume 2 Eye Cheek Palette with Blush: This is a smaller version of what I call a “get started” palette. It comes with six eyeshadow shades, two blushes and a brush. Plus, the packaging design and brush are so luxe; I love them. If your budget isn’t quite where you want it yet for the Magic Star, go for this one. Definitely worth it.

Have fun with your eyeshadow creations! Whether you’re a newbie, intermediate or pro, we’d love to see! Post your looks on Social Media and use hashtag #Just4GirlsPK to share with us!

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