8 Ways to Survive New Year’s Eve

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With New Year’s Eve just around the corner the anxiety of this notorious day also starts kicking in. I am talking about the pressure of having the best night ever and finally sitting down having to think about all our failed resolutions. It can all get a bit overwhelming to the point where all you want to do is shutdown and become a recluse. I have learned not to stress myself out anymore on New Year’s. All the angst I used to feel is channeled into something positive now.

As I mentioned earlier there is so much pressure to have the best night of your life on New Year’s Eve. You are expected to go to the hottest parties and look like sparkling goddess. In reality most of us have been binge eating since Thanksgiving and have not even thought about which friends to hit up to have the “most amazing night” with. Then there is the coveted midnight kiss – ughhhh! Like why do we to place so much focus on that?! I get that is cute and romantic but it’s also 100% cliché. Ain’t no one trying to catch a taste or sniff of a random person’s halitosis. If you are single like me, New Year’s is a punch in the gut reminder of being alone. Not only am I reminded that I don’t have a significant other, I am surrounded by mostly couples in a crowed room where it’s getting difficult to breath. These are just some of the reasons why I used to resent this day.

I am now going to share with you how to combat the stress of New Year’s Eve and actually start enjoying it:

  1. New Year’s is just another day – This holiday signifies truly nothing important, just the end of the wall calendar year.
  2. Approach the night with no expectations – If there are no expectations then there is no disappointment if the night isn’t the best one ever.
  3. Don’t drown in disappointment – this is not the day to think about all fails you had throughout the year. People don’t want to hear you moan about what you were not able to accomplish.
  4. It’s NOT a crime if you stay home – You do not have to leave the house to have a fun night! It can be just as fun if not better to stay home in cozy clothes and chill. Prop up by the fireplace, drink some hot coco and listen to your favorite tunes to ring in the New Year.
  5. Avoid driving – If possible avoid driving. People are extra crazy on New Years and tend to get behind the wheel when they have had too much to drink. Always make sure your group and you have a designated driver or taxi arranged to get everyone home safely.
  6. Don’t be a victim of the 2AM last call scramble – Don’t go home with the dude who has been eyeing every girl the entire night. You are not desperate!
  7. Save all your resolution making for January 1st – Making last minute resolutions never works. Sit down, relax and take out a journal. Think your resolutions through and then put them into action. #NewYearNewMe doesn’t have to takeover your life.
  8. Enjoy yourself – Whether you are alone or with friends and family be sure to have fun!
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