Argan Oil Is the Fall Season’s Beauty Miracle Worker That Replenishes Dry Hair and Skin, from Head to Toe

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Fun fact ladies: Argan oil has been one of Morocco’s best kept beauty secrets for centuries. In fact, it has only been in the last 10 years or so that awareness and demand for Argan oil and its many benefits has grown–although the industry still remains small and operated by local Moroccan women that use traditional methods to extract the oil. The process of extracting the oil, which is extracted from Morocco’s native Argan tree, includes peeling off the outer layer of the fruit and pounding its inner nut with rocks to retrieve tiny kerels from which the oil is derived.

Argan oil was actually the first oil that became popular and chic, before oils were really embraced as a whole. It was initially hailed for keeping complexions in check for eons (smooths, restores, and hydrates), though its benefits certainly don’t stop at the visage. Not only is it rich in vitamin A and E, antioxidants, and fatty acids, but it also boasts unparalleled conditioning and anti-inflammatory properties. That essentially means it is a great natural alternative for everything from combating acne to softening strands and pouts alike. So, because we know that there are now tons of Argan oil picks (and imposters) to sort through, we took it upon ourselves to cull through the best options available on for keeping your hair and skin in check–from head to toe–all fall long:

  1. Andalou Naturals Argan Stem Cells Age Defying Scalp Intensive supports vitality for stronger strands with less breakage as Argan oil nourishes and conditions for flexible strength and smooth manageability. The result is noticeably fuller looking hair with amplified body, volume, and shine.
  2. After endless flat ironing sessions, blowouts, and highlights, the hair tends to feel fried and not-so-healthy. The Beaver Argan Oil Moisture Repair Shampoo and Conditioner literally goes back in time to turn all that damage around. The luxuriously creamy shampoo and conditioner, infused with powerful Argan oil, restores the hair’s health and strengthens from the inside out. Best of all, the gentle formula not only smooths and moisturizes strands–it also protects them against future damage from heat styling and UV exposure.
  3. The Evoluderm Argan Beauty Oil is an all-purpose oil that is naturally rich in Vitamin A, E, antioxidants, Omega-6 fatty acids, and linoleic acid for rejuvenating the skin, especially beneficial for dry or aging skin. It replenishes the skin with essential nutrients and moisture, which helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, leaving the skin beautifully soft and hydrated. It is great for the face, body, and hair!
  4. The Pearlescence Argan + Vitamin E Serum Shot delivers powerful daily hydration to help balance, revive, and rejuvenate the skin. It contains nutrient rich Argan oil and vitamin E to restore radiance to moisture-depleted skin without clogging the pores. It is great for hair, cuticles, and the under-eye area.
  5. The Evoluderm Argan & Shea Butter Shower Gel combines Argan oil and shea butter to moisturize the skin in the driest of conditions. Its formula is paraben and soap free. Plus, with its fatty acid content, when applied to mature, dry skin, the shower gel restores the skin’s suppleness and elasticity.

In the end, Argan oil is beauty’s must have maintenance miracle worker for the fall season. Loaded with the essentials, including omega 6 and vitamin E, it is a magical ingredient that has proven for centuries to nourish and heal our skin and strands at every state. All of the top pure (or infused) Argan oil products mentioned above are available on So ladies, tap into the liquid gold powers to fix everything from blemishes, fine lines, and dry scalp. It is the one oil that fixes dry skin AND hair. 😉

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