BB Cream and Foundation: Why you should have both in your beauty kit

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BB Cream and Foundation are the sister products everyone needs in their beauty arsenal.

For those who don’t know the difference between BB  Cream and Foundation, here’s a quick primer. A BB Cream (short for Beauty Balm) is lighter and offers sheer coverage whereas foundation is a more heavy bodied formula which provides full coverage.

BB Cream is a multi-tasking product

BB cream provides a host of benefits, including coverage, skincare and protection. Many people use it as a primer (myself included), as well as a tinted moisturizer. BB Creams were created by dermatologists for people with skin issues and to help reduce scars post-surgery. Eventually, the product became popular amongst the population because of the dermalogical benefits provided.

Foundation offers more coverage for uneven skin

Though BB Cream can help reduce the appearance of scars, fine lines and wrinkles, foundation is your best bet when it comes to full coverage. If you have uneven skin tone, darker areas or blemishes you want to hide, then foundation is the formula to achieve this.

BB Cream + Foundation = Winning skin combination

For those of us who have been using BB Creams and Foundations together, it’s no secret this is a formula for flawless coverage and a gorgeous finished product. If you’re on the fence about switching to a BB Cream, try using one as a primer or moisturizer to go underneath your foundation. You’ll want to apply an even layer of BB Cream after you’ve applied serums, foundations and any primers you might be using. Let that layer sit for a good three minutes before adding your foundation/contouring products. I truly believe you will find this to be an amazing look, plus your skin will benefit from a good, nourishing BB Cream.

Here are some products, all available at, to get you started with BB Creams, Foundations and more!

  1. Evoluderm BB Cream 6×1: This all natural formula provides skincare benefits, hydration and sheer coverage. Evoluderm’s products are amazing because they are manufactured 100% in France and have no parabens or artificial fillers.
  2. Dermacol BB Magic Beauty Cream 8 in 1: If you’re wanting a product which will help reduce scars and provide dermalogical benefits, then go with Dermacol. This line was created by an esthetician and a dermatologist and has quickly become a cult favorite.
  3. Dermacol Makeup Cover: The perfect companion to the BB Magic Beauty Cream 8 in 1. Budget-friendly, provides full coverage and very beneficial to skin! Everyone needs at least one tube of Dermacol in their kit at all times.
  4. MUA Pro Base Long Wear Matte Finish Foundation: One of the best foundations on the market, this is a long-wearing mattifying foundation which helps control oil and shine all day long. Available in a wide variety of shades.

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