Best Color-Correcting Palettes for Perfect, Even-Toned Skin This Summer

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Here is the thing, if you ladies thought contouring and its associated techniques were the last and final frontier of face makeup, you all are way, way off. That is right, there is, in fact, more to face makeup. The latest technique in the beauty world is color correction, which is essentially like a filter for the skin. The premise is simple: target any one the your problem areas, correct it by using the opposite color on the color wheel, which should then neutralize the blemish or tone irregularity and allow you to conceal over it so the skin tone appears even. Sounds simple enough, right? Well ladies, the trick to this technique is all in choosing the right color corrector. It’s all about tackling basic color theory and determining what kind of formula will work in conjunction with your specific skin concerns, whether it be discoloration, dark circles, dullness, or even adult acne.

So, to further hide the fact that we are all human and sometimes minor facial impurities happen (hello hormones), many beauty brands have introduced a color wheel of correctors to cancel out skin tone imbalances. Not sure which color corrector to pair you skin concerns with? Not to worry, we’ve got you ladies covered: pastel green hides zits and erases redness, lavender or blue brighten general sallowness, peachy/pink cover dark circles, and yellow tones liven dull complexions. Layer one of the neutralizing shades under concealer or foundation, and viola! You ladies are left with skin so perfect, it rivals even the most generous Snapchat filter. Now, it is just a matter of finding the formula that fits your specific needs. Below are the best color-correcting palettes for perfect, even-toned skin this summer:

  1. From under eye circles to acne to yellow discoloration, the Wet n Wild Coverall Correcting Palette does it all: the green corrector counteracts redness; the yellow corrector works great for masking any dark shadows underneath the eyes; the white corrector is an outstanding highlight on the eyes and cheeks; the purple corrector evens out any discoloration on the skin. Pretty much ladies, never be without this palette, it accommodates for each and every need.
  2. If you ladies are facing a full-on breakout, a spot-treatment isn’t going to do much to help. Instead, go with the Physicians Formula Powder Palette Multi-Colored Face Corrector in Green, which conceals the deal in a single dusting while also absorbing acne-causing oil. Remember ladies, best bet is to apply with a brush when dealing with loose powder in a compact. The brush, it self, really matters. It is critical to use a very soft, light bristled brush that diffuses the pigment. If the brush is dense, it can pick up too much powder and make it difficult to blend–giving skin unwanted green patches.
  3. Bye redness. Later dark circles. Hello Maybelline Master Camo Color Correcting Kit. All you ladies need to know is your skin tone. That is right, the kit takes the guesswork out of color correcting. Curated by skin tone, achieve an insta-perfect canvas in three easy steps: color correct, conceal, and highlight. So, neutralize skin tone issues, conceal imperfections and under eye circles, and brighten facial features all in one palette.
  4. Bare it all with the Makeup Revolution HD Camouflage Corrector Palette. It includes 8 ultra high coverage color correcting creams (pink to brighten, lavender to neutralize sallow yellowness, green to diminish redness, orange to neutralize sallow blueness, peach to balance out discoloration, white to brighten with a natural highlight, cream to cover dark areas, and brown to balance ashiness) to camouflage blemishes and imperfections with ease. The long-wearing cream formula is ideal for a variety of skin tones and can be used before or after the application of foundation.
  5. Stash any one of the City Color Color Correcting Powders 4 Piece Gift Set in your purse to even out skin tone on the go. These highly pigmented color correctors from City Color cancel out even the most extreme discolorations and are suitable for all skin types. Specifically, yellow fights discoloration and even outs color spits, purple brightens and adds natural glow to the face, green cancels out redness, and orange neutralized dark spots and circles to revitalize appearance.

In the end, color correctors are like the nerds of the makeup world–and ain’t nothing wrong with that. They are problem-solving, overachieving, all-around smarties. Instead of just covering up skin issues with flesh-toned pigments, they use visual effects based on color theory to effectively cancel out redness, dark circles, and dull, grayish skin. The result is radiant skin with less makeup. All of the best color-correcting palettes mentioned above are available on if you are looking to brush up on color. Go ahead and get yourselves a color wheel of your own now that you ladies are well-versed in the art of color-correcting.

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