Best Grippy Eyeshadow Primers That Will Seal On Eye Makeup All Summer Long

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As if the summer weather weren’t already conspiring against us to fade our hair color and dry out our dewy skin, we also have to contend with sweaty eyelids in the depths of summer that threaten to melt eye products off our faces. So, if you ladies forget or just literally don’t prime before applying eye makeup, you are committing a serious makeup crime. If you aren’t convinced that you need (or have time for) this absolutely crucial step, maybe an expert recommendation will do the trick. In fact, experts say that the number 1 way to prevent your makeup from melting or smudging, especially in these summer months–is to prime. Let’s put this in perspective for you: taking an extra 10 seconds at the start of your day to apply eyeshadow primer is quicker than spending 5 or so minutes wiping eyeliner off your lower lids by midday. Throw in sun exposure, sweat streaks, squinting, itchy eyes, and everything else that comes with the summer season and your colorful lids, cat eye, and mascara are bound to dull down fast.

The best eyeshadow primers keep your shadow smooth, your liner intact, your mascara from smudging, and ensure long lasting effectiveness so that your look stays put through time and weather. Contrary to what most of you ladies may be thinking, eyeshadow primers are not just re-packaged versions of your standard face primer. They are specially formulated to conquer issues exclusive to eyelids. For instance, since your eyeshadow has to stand up to more wear-and-tear, like incessant but necessary blinking, these formulas are often designed to be thicker in order to keep liner crisp and prevent shadow from creasing. Some eyeshadow primers even help enhance color or add a shimmery finish to your eyeshadow. Of course, like face primers for oily skin, these formulas are packed with mattifying ingredients like silica to sop up excess sebum and ensure your eye makeup doesn’t slide south over the course of a summer day. So dodge the oily lids and sweat-proof your makeup by investing in one of these gripping, long-wear eyeshadow primers that will be sustainable around the clock this summer:

  1. The Physicians Formula #Instaready Eye Primer Duo-Matte & Shimmer come with 2 primers that give you a matte or shimmering base. The primers glide on with easy-to-use applicators. They are formulated with LockedIn Technology that creates an invisible canvas for longwearing, crease-resistant eyeshadow. The  high-performance, smudge-resistant formula keep eyeshadow in place. These shadow-enhancing eyeshadow primers ensure you ladies will look good in any photo. Prep yourself for all the likes!
  2. NYX Proof It! Waterproof Eyeshadow Primer is the most durable, waterproof option that intensifies your shadow. All you ladies have to do is smooth onto lids before applying shadows and viola! Your eye makeup will stay in place no matter what the weather brings without creasing or smudging. Best of all, the primer is a transparent drugstore dupe that you don’t have to match to your skin tone.
  3. Increase the vibrancy and lasting power of your eyeshadow with Hard Candy’s Eyes The Limit Shimmer Shadow Primer. With shimmer being all the rage, you can now add shimmer to any eyeshadow and enhance any look. This smooth base layer helps lock in colors for beautiful results. It has a crease-proof, extended-wear formula that will prevent eyeshadow from fading or bleeding. If you are looking for the same product without the shimmer and are just going for a fresh look, try the Hard Candy Eyes The Limit Eyeshadow Primer.

So ladies, keep your eye makeup looking as fresh as it did the moment you applied it–all day and summer long. All of the eyeshadow primers mentioned above are available on, so go get yourself color and stay-ability that lasts longer than you ever thought possible. They are the best that you can get to outlast the summers hottest looks, because you ladies work too damn hard on eyes not to use a good primer.

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