Best Hair Sprays to Protect Your Mane from Summer Heat and Frizz

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Besides a cleansing shampoo, nourishing conditioner, texturizing spray, and a trusty dry shampoo, a good old fashioned hair spray should hold a key place in your hair care arsenal. I know what you ladies are thinking, but the days of crunchy, flaky, and rock-hard hair spray are long behind us. Still, nowadays it seems that everyone is scared to reach for a can out of fear that the hair will look like the shellac on your nails–or even worse, a helmet. Not to worry though ladies, the light, flexible formulas of today’s best hair sprays bear little resemblance to the hair-stiffening hair sprays of yesteryear. So now, it is really just about making those beachy waves lasting through to dinner. With just a single spritz, you ladies can boost volume for hours on end, keep intricate updos in place, lend otherwise frizzy locks a super-sleek finish, and even tame those pesky flyaways that have a habit of appearing at the worst possible times. That is right ladies, the product with the baddest rap is actually key to perfect hair days. So, with the best best strong-hold hair sprays designed with extra strength, conditioning properties, and guaranteed malleability post-spray, your hair will stay looking smooth and feeling healthy. Below are the best hair sprays available at J4G that will protect your luscious manes from the lingering summer heat and frizz:

  1. The Beaver Argan Oil Glimmer Shine Spray is an effective product infused with Argan oil (obvs) and UV filters to provide instant shine and protection against harsh elements. The hair spray instantly repairs and adds elasticity to dry, damaged, and frizzy hair. It also work to penetrate into the hair shaft without weighing the hair down. Best of all, it protects against heat appliances and chemical damage.
  2. The long term wax effect Evoluderm Lacquer Strong and Extra Strong Hair Sprays have been specially formulated to fasten to the movements of the hair, adding flexibility thanks to its ultra-fine diffusion. The hair sprays are quick drying and give the perfect soft and silky finish.
  3. The Lisap Ultimate Straight Spray Fluid is a moisturizing and revitalizing spray reconstructor. The spray restructures hair and protects the hair from heat. It contains keratin, new generation silicon, and cationic conditioners to guarantee exceptional hair protection and shine, while also strengthening and protecting. With the heat defense that it provides, it is excellent when blow drying and has superb conditioning properties.
  4. Keep that hair in place with the Schwarzkopf Professional Osis Session Hairspray. With its innovative formula, which uses a new generation micro-diffuser technology and an instantly-drying formula, this high performance hair spray provides uncompromising control. It is ideal for even the most elaborate hairstyles. Best of all, this ultra fine mist-y spray ensures a really strong hold with a natural feel and brilliant shine.
  5. Outshine and dazzle with the Schwarzkopf Professional Osis Sparkler Shine Spray—  the ultimate, finishing touch to any hairstyle. The spray adds shine to the hair and gives an instant light finish. It also detangles and conditions hair to work the dazzle from the inside out. Without it, your hairstyle just isn’t complete.

In the end ladies, heat, humidity, and even the sea can wreak havoc on the hair. Fighting the frizz gets old real quick, too. That is where new and improved hair sprays step in to save the day. No only does a great hair spray keep your hairstyle that you worked oh-so hard on in tact, it can also give incredible lifting volume to both thick and fine hair. Lucky for all of us, J4G carries some strong hold formulas that fit everything from wedding hair to flexible formulas that are shockingly weightless. So, no need to look any further than here: all of the best hair sprays mentioned above are available on Keep those ‘dos locked down and spritz away, ladies!

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