Best Ombré Highlighters Reminiscent of Beautiful Summer Sunsets

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Within the past few years, the ombré trend has taken over–literally everywhere from our hair and nails to even our lips–and we’re about it. Most recently, the ombré trend has extended its reach into our makeup stashes–particularly with highlighter. If you ladies are wondering how to do ombré makeup, only the best ombré highlighters take all the guesswork out of this makeup trick. In fact, the gradient shades allow you to create a seamlessly blended makeup look that is way easier than it may seem. That is right ladies, not only does ombré makeup make it way easier to create a foolproof look that is already perfectly blended, it has the added benefit of multiplying dimension to your cheeks to really bring out the sparkle in the contours of your bone structure. Also, it goes without saying: ombré highlighter is mesmerizing. It is like this hypnotic crystal ball from which we can’t peel our gaze away. Best of all, ombré highlighters give you the option of totally customizing your makeup look. So, if you ladies are craving makeup that looks great on and is super appealing to look at and display on your makeup vanities, ombré highlighters are sure to satisfy. Below are the most stunning ombré highlighters that look as beautiful off as they do on:

  1. Get that sunset glow with the affordable and easy to use City Color Shimmer Ombre Highlight. The two tone highlight comes in three stunning shades: Amethyst, Pink Opal, and Rose Gold. The perfectly coordinated shades are designed to blend together to create a natural, blended finish.
  2. Perfect for achieving a smoldering look, the Urban Decay Naked Heat Eyeshadow Palette is at the top of our must-have ombré makeup product list. The palette is complete with 12, buttery amber-hued shades that look great on a wide variety of skin tones and are super easy to use.
  3. Blush and ombré are a match made in heaven. The extreme variations in tone join forces to create super pretty and realistic looking flush that is difficult to replicate with flat powders. The Hard Candy Glow All The Way Ombre Blush in Sunburst is a winner because it is a vibrant shade, light coral to dark pink ombre, and can be applied with a light hand for a subtle glow. It can also be used with a heavier hand for a deeper, richer mauve-shaded contour.
  4. The MUA Stick Luxe Ombre Shimmer is a melt-into-skin stick comprising of three shades of subtle gleam that work on any skin tone, giving you killer cheekbones in just seconds. The stick is buildable, so you ladies can apply just a touch for a subtle glow or keep layering for more striking luminescence.
  5. Makeup Revolution Highlighter in Rainbow is one of the most majestic highlighters to date. It includes 5 amazing pastel colors to create out of this world glow. The shades can be swirled to create a mix of iridescent glow, used individually, or applied in a stripe of color to achieve a rainbow effect. So, you can swipe across the whole palette to get a little bit of every hue, or hone in on certain sections to create a look from a mix of colors. It’s an amazing product to experiment with!

In the end, there is no better occasion to rock totally glowy, ombré skin than on a summery night. Thankfully, with just a little bit of ombré highlighter, it is easier than ever to get your shine on. All of the best ombré highlighters mentioned above are available on, so now you ladies can have some fun switching up your face makeup and testing out the ombré trend. You ladies will be radiating sunset vibes!

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