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I have been a regular online customer for many website operating in Pakistan, from garments to ordering shoes or electronic items, I have ordered everything online but when It comes buying cosmetics online in Pakistan, I only I believe is not only the pioneer when it comes to selling international reputed brands (100% Original) in Pakistan but J4G has introduced over 50 world reknowned brands to Pakistan customers via their website. Sometimes prices are on the higher side but when I am sure that I will be getting the original stuff with 100% no questions asked return policy, I get ready to pay some extra amount on the brands I used to crave browsing on Amazon or Sephora.

There are other cosmetics websites as well but they lack innovation & customer support. When I say innovation, I mean they hardly introduce any new brand, they hardly put international brands on sale. I have issues with website speed few years but now they have improved their website a lot. They have recently introduced some major drug store as well as luxury brands on their website like NYX, Wet N Wild, ELF Cosmetics, Caetle, Bobbi brown, Tarte,Christian Louboutin, Clinique, Estee Lauder & many more. also have some exclusive brands on their website like Hard candy and Makeup Academy. I personally love MUA for its affordable prices and good quality.

 Overall if anyone is interested in starting ecommerce venture of selling cosmetics online, is the website to lookout for. Once again, their customer service is exclusive and this is what make them Leaders when it comes to selling cosmetics online.

Rating 4.5/5.0

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