Best Palettes For Creating Perfect Natural Eyeshadow Looks

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Gorgeous natural smokey eye look. Image courtesy Melissa Samways via Youtube.

I love bold colors and eyeshadow palettes, however, nothing beats a well done natural eyeshadow look in my opinion. Natural shadow tones are my favorite way to draw attention to and showcase my eyes in general. When we use more understated tones on our lids, it can make our eyes look bigger and more dramatic.

Are you a fan of dramatic, bold lashes? This is the makeup look that is going to make those babies just stand out like none other.

Video: MUA Cosmetics Ultimate Undressed Eyeshadow Palette Swatched! Courtesy of @MUACosmetics via

In the video I posted above, MUA Cosmetics swatches their Ultimate Undressed Eyeshadow Palette, which is currently on sale over at!

This palette is a very soft neutral palette; I would almost classify it as a sort of metallic pastel. It features mattes and shimmers as well as a dual ended brush. The brush has precision tips which are perfect for packing on color and blending. MUA Makeup Artist Karla Powell swatches some of her favorite shades with a wet brush. This has twenty eight shades in all, so you can use it for some time and create hundreds of multi-dimensional and monochromatic looks. In my opinion, this is the palette which is going to give you the most for your money.

Wetting the brush to create a creamier, softer look has been a technique used by makeup artists for years. I have been doing this with my shadows since I first learned the technique, and it really does make a huge difference in your application. I find it makes the product go on smoother and gives you more of a seamless, almost airbrushed look depending on the type of tool you use for application.

Another palette I really recommend when it comes to creating softer eyeshadow looks is this MUA Pro Palette in Elysium Elements. It has ten shades in all: soft pinks, greens and neutrals. This is a very ethereal palette with a princess type feel to it, since most of the shades are shimmers. This is another palette I would use a wet brush with, but you can use a dry brush or even a beauty sponge to get a soft, translucent look. Pair with your favorite liner and mascara ( or false eyelashes ) for a huge doe-eyed look.
MUA Ultimate Undressed Eyeshadow Palette available at

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