Best Sheet Masks for an Instant Skin Boost During Summer Travels

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At last, warmer days are here, bringing with them travel plans and holidays. Yes, holidays and summer getaways are the best, but we’ve also got to take the actual travel part into account. You see ladies, the skin sustains a lot of environmental ambushing during a long day in transit, often leaving you with some dry, dull, puffy, red, and pimply problems by the time you actually arrive at your destination.

There are various factors that go into what makes the skin react in such ways while travelling. Stress definitely causes breakouts; sodium filled airplane food makes the face bloat; and run-of-the-mill dirt and grime clog pores. Moreover, just stepping foot inside an airplane turns the skin the paper. That’s right, airplane cabins are particularly dry and have low humidity levels. As a result, the skin can feel the effects and gets dry, as well as red and flaky. Other modes of transport do similar damage, with air con and heating systems playing a role and, in general, you we all drink less fluid while travelling, which causes–you guessed it–dehydrated skin. Throw in the lack of sleep that often accompanies travel, and you are left with dull skin and dark under eye circles. Ultimately, that is a lot to have stacked up against you–especially when you are due to arrive in an exciting new place and ready to snap holiday pics for the gram, just to be deterred by clogged pores or papery, flakey redness (not trying to look like Flat Stanley or Sally on vacay here). The quickest and easiest way to save your vacay is by popping on a face mask, before, during, or post transit. Below are the best face masks to repair whatever problems travels have wrought upon the skin for an instant boost:

  1. The Garnier SkinActive Hydra Bomb Green Tea Tissue Mask says it all in the name. This Hydra Bomb sheet mask does exactly that–hydrate–with the help of moisture-locking hyaluronic acid. After 20 minutes of moisture, the skin ends up with the best of all worlds: moisturized, tight, and matte. So, the skin will be looking just right for all those holiday grams.
  2. Travel and sun aggravate already sensitive skin and can cause breakouts that have us clinging to concealer. The Karuna Deep Condition Skin Mask is made from oil-free, biodegradable, and pore-friendly wood pulp fiber cloth that draws detoxifying natural ingredients straight into the skin. The ginger in the formula helps kill bacteria, chamomile reduces redness, and honey leaves even the most sensitive skin feeling calm, cool, and dewy.
  3. The TonyMoly I’m Real Tea Tree Face Mask Sheet is a phenomenally fast-acting treatment that is specifically formulated to address specific skin concerns with remarkable brightening, plumping, and hydrating effects in as little as 20 minutes. The tea tree in the formula is perfect for soothing stressed, inflamed complexions–calming redness and reducing reactivity to swiftly re-establish equilibrium.
  4. Overly dry skin will be soothed and nourished with the Evolderm Moisturizing Sheet Mask. With a soft and creamy texture, this mask offers a moment of indulgence and relaxation following a long haul. It is enriched with argan and primrose oils to hydrate and moisturize the skin, bringing the life back that travel sucked out of it.
  5. Kick back and relax at the end of a long say with the soothing Esfolio Pure Skin Egg Essence Mask Sheet. It is a highly concentrated essence type mask sheet that contains egg yolk extract, which is effective in boosting the skin’s energy or vitality. It also delivers nutrients and moisture deep into the skin. The egg yolk extract is great for smoothing out any rough textures on the skin.

In the end, face masks are here to prevent travellings largest pitfalls, in the form of dull, irritated, or breakout-prone complexions as a solution that gets to work in 10 minutes or less. Face masks are the perfect tool for summer travels to rejuvenate and even out the skin. All of the best insta-boost sheet masks mentioned above are available on Go ahead and stock up pre summer travels if you are looking to brighten, hydrate, and refresh skin before dryness, dullness, and redness even has a chance to set in and ruin your vacay. I mean really, you’re not done packing until you slip one of the above face masks into your carry-on anyway. There is a mask ready and waiting for you, ladies. 😉

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