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Do you love makeup that is loud, boisterous, and funky? If you answered ‘yes’ then I have treat for you — BH Cosmetics. Conceptualized and created in thriving city of Los Angeles, BH Cosmetics brings flare and excitement. What I personally love about the brand is its ethos, which is sharing culture and diversity through makeup. Makeup is a powerful tool, which allows individuals to express themselves. BH Cosmetics gives people the opportunity to showcase their inner-self on the outside by creating makeup in vivacious colors and amazing quality. At the end of the makeup has always been about looking and feeling good. What better way to do it then wear fearless colors!?

So what’s the 411 on BH Cosmetics? It hails from Los Angles, California as mentioned earlier. The brand’s creators are Fred Sadovskiy and Kirill Trachtenberg who wanted to create a cosmetics range that is specifically for millennial and generation Z consumers. They know the younger generation loves expressing themselves with bold, fun, daring colors. The brand creates most cosmetics basics such as, eyeshadow, lipstick, and foundation to name a few. What they are missing at the moment are, mascara and eyeliner, but we hope they come out with these products soon. BH Cosmetics is powerhouse when it comes to online influencing and really hearing what the consumers want from their makeup.

If you have not tried BH Cosmetics yet, I urge you to go check it out. Below are some of my favorite items of brand that you can cop in Pakistan on If you have lazy days like me J4G is the best place to shop online for your favorite makeup.

Lipstick – The below lipsticks are great if you want creamy, rich and long-lasting color. The bold colors stay in put all day long while also nourishing your lips. When you take the lipstick off your pretty pucker they will feel soft and revitalized.

Bh Cosmetics Color Lock Long Lasting Lipstick – Adore (PKR 1,099)

 Bh Cosmetics Color Lock Long Lasting Lipstick – Loyal (PKR 1,099)

Bh Cosmetics Color Lock Long Lasting Lipstick – True Heart (PKR 1,099)

Face – If you are a contouring fan and love sculpting your face, then you have to checkout the palette below. There are 10 easy to blend shades that flatter a multitude of skin tones. The creamy formula is easy to apply and melts into skin leaving a beautiful finish.

Studio Pro Cream Contour Palette (PKR 1,699)

Brushes – All I can say is these are some of the best brushes on the market. They are shed free and made with such good quality materials. The 18-piece set below has mostly every single brush you could ever want.

Bh Cosmetics Studio Pro 18 pcs Brush Set Bag (PKR 7,299)

I am about get you all so excited with my news. I cannot keep it a secret any longer BH Cosmetics is going to be one of the brands that is on mega sale during Glam Gala. One day BH Cosmetics will be 85% off the entire day! Stay tuned to our Facebook and Intsagram for more details. The sale is from May 1st – May 6th and will be featuring the hottest brands available in Pakistan.

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