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  Over the past few years, I along with the Innovarge Team started a couple of corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives. We worked together with the interior Sindh community to provide free education and clean drinking water for underprivileged children. People who are familiar with the tumultuous weather in Sindh know how cruel it can be especially for exposed skin. Due to traveling very often to that area and mainly during the day for our CSR projects, I noticed that my skin started forming black patches on my cheeks and around my eyes. My friends and family even noticed, and started pointing the spots out. Before things got any worse on my face, I did some research on the Internet and found an award-winning product called Bio Oil on local website,


The reviews were amazing, not only on Just4Girls but on the rest of the web; to say the least I was intrigued. Without hesitation I purchased Bio Oil, and starting it using immediately hoping the black patches on my skin would soon disappear. My daily routine entailed applying the oil after my morning shower and just before heading to bed. Just after two weeks, I started to see the black marks start to diminish. The product itself proclaims, is can cure all different kinds of skin damage: stretch marks, skin discoloration, and scars due to its amazing ingredients. With natural plant oils, PurCellin oil and vitamin A and E, any skin type will feel rejuvenated. Lastly, after continuous use of 2 months the dark patches on my face were nearly gone. I would strongly recommend this product to anyone who is battling with face marks, scars, stretch marks, etc. Bio Oil comes in two sizes and sells for around 950 Rps in Pakistan. With great delivery and customer service, I encourage everyone to check out Bio Oil on Here is the link

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