Blue Mascara is the Magical Product Your Lashes Need this Winter

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Tired of the same old mascara routine? Shake things up and add a burst of blue. Image Credit: Elle.

I decided to break out of my rut this week and try something new: Blue Mascara. I have been comfortably married to my black mascara for years now, so I felt it was time for a much welcomed change. I wasn’t sure if blue would suit me well with my skin tone and dark eyes, but I decided to jump right in and try it out anyway.

Soooo glad I did! Blue Mascara ( as well as other rich colored lash formulas ) actually complimented my dark eyes perfectly. It also gives you a break from packing on a heavy eyeshadow look if you so desire. Since most blue mascaras are very vibrant, this can serve as the color of interest, as well as give you a chance to highlight your lashes in a huge new way.

I tried out Joko Makeup Pump Your Lashes in Deep Blue. You can find this product at!

Here are some really easy tips on how to successfully wear Blue mascara.

  1. Prime your lashes. This seems like overkill, but it really isn’t. Priming your lashes creates a canvas and your mascara will be more vivid as a result.
  2. Apply both the bottom and top lashes. I normally apply mascara to both upper and lower lashes anyway, but you really want to do this if you are making colored lashes the focus feature of your face.
  3. You can also add a corresponding eyeliner in the same ( or nearly same ) color blue to add even more of a three dimensional look.
  4. Minimal makeup looks are colored mascara’s best friend. You don’t necessarily want to amp up the rest of your face if you’re wanting to draw attention to your eyes. I would also recommend going with a lighter or nude shade of lipstick.
  5. Zig zagging the mascara wand will ensure ore of an even application and reduce clumping. Also, you can layer blue over your regular mascara for an added pop of saturation.
  6. Pairs perfectly with lighter and more sparkly highlighter products. This is the perfect cherry on top for soft, dewy and glow strobe looks.

If you choose, you can also create a dramatic cat eye look with a liquid liner or chunky liner marker.

What I would suggest avoiding:

  1. Heavy contour and highlighting. This is going to counteract the effects of the blue, in my opinion. It really does come down to your own personal preference, but I find that heavily contoured looks draw attention to the contour and not the mascara.
  2. Contoured, bold lips. Again, this isn’t a huge faux pas, I just prefer to have the eyelashes be the ultimate standout element of the application. I’ve tried this with big red lips, and to me, it screams eighties or nineties. If you’re going for that look, then by all means, glam up! However, if you’re looking for a subtle way to show a hint of color for work or other laid back events, then I would pair this with a natural face.

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