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Happy Pakistan Day, ladies! For those of us that need a refresher, Pakistan Day is a public holiday that commemorates the Lahore Resolution on March 23rd each year, as well as the adoption of the first constitution of Pakistan and its transformation into a republic. The word “Pakistan” was never used, but the Lahore Resolution (which eventually led to the creating of Pakistan) is considered a major milestone in the Muslim struggle for an independent state in undivded India. At the end of the day, we’re really just celebrating our freedom from the tyrannical rule we experienced and endured under our colonizers (the British empire).

So basically ladies, we as a nation are doing us now! And yes, Pakistan has a way to go and the scars from colonization are still evident in our culture, mentality, and society as a whole, but we became our own nation and embraced our own essence through it all. With all that being said, here at J4G, we believe that each and every woman should take control of her own life and do her! To honor individuality, independence, and Pakistan and it’s strong women, we are offering up to 70% off on MUA, Evoluderm, Lakemé, Hard Candy, Max Factor, Bourjois, and Rimmel cosmetics products. Afterall, Pakistan Day also reminds us that spring is near and there is just something about spring that makes us want to stock up. This time of year means fresh makeup brushes, juicy new mascaras, and a skin care revamp after surviving another seemingly never-ending winter. Below are the best products on sale that you’ll need for that fresh spring feel ladies:

  1. Highlighter is a spring staple. When applied along the cheekbones, down the bridge of the nose, beneath the brow bone, or at the inner corners of the eyes–highlighters are the perfect way to add radiance to your spring complexion and enhance the natural structure of your face with just a little added light. Lucky for you ladies, all shades of the MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighting Powder are on sale for PKR 1,260.00 only on just4girls.pk/blog.
  2. Winter, for the most part, can be a disaster for the skin. All that cold and frigid air can leave you all dry and just not feeling as springy as you’d want. The Evoluderm Gentle Facial Mask with Cucumber Extract, on sale for PKR 562.50, is a great product to bring into the spring because it soothes and brightens the complexion, helping the skin regain its softness and radiance. Rich in cucumber extract, the mild mask tightens the pores, refines the skin texture, and cleans your face thoroughly from all impurities without harming it in any way. The mask hydrates and purifies while respecting the natural balance of the skin, resulting in fresh skin and a radiant complexion.
  3. No one wants to come out of winter with a clumpy, stale mascara. No way! We need something that lengthens, curls, volumizes, and conditions–something Insta-worthy. The Bourjois Volume Clubbing Mascara, on sale for PKR 1,280.00, boasts a formula that delivers the longer, lusher lashes of our spring dreams.

Aside from the products highlighted above, there is so much more on sale from precise and defining eyebrow pencils to eyeshadow palettes galore. I’m telling you ladies, March 23rd will not only be a joyous holiday for Pakistan, but also a beauty-filled holiday. Head to just4girls.pk/blog and save big on all your favorite cosmetics brands, while also stocking up for the spring season ahead! Happy Pakistan Day–and happy shopping–from J4G!!!

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