Check Out These Super Lazy-Girl Nail Art Ideas!

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Nail art doesn’t have to be super complex! There are lots of lazy girl hacks out there for those of us who are nail art challenged. Image courtesy Buzzfeed.


Nothing is more pleasing to me than a really beautifully done set of nails ( or toes ). There is an art to nails, and it is definitely a skill which takes a good deal of practice to master. However, nail art doesn’t have to be over the top complicated; there are many looks you can create using just a few colors ( or even a single color ) that will look like you spent hours in a salon.

The best part? You probably already own all the things you need to pull off these easy, yet glamorous looks!

Here are some great Lazy Girl nail hacks courtesy of Buzzfeed:

Easy loofah sponge nail technique. Image source Buzzfeed.

Loofah Sponge Trick

Take a loofah sponge that you’re getting ready to toss out, or an extra one that you don’t use for bathing.

First, paint your nails a solid color. In the photo above, the artist uses black with a silver top coat. You can do the same or choose your own variation. I would definitely use colors which are in the same color family and which compliment each other.

Drape the sponge over your nails ( be sure to hold it tight enough so the loofah acts as a stencil )

Dab your favorite sparkly color on top of the loofah sponge. Let sit for just a few seconds, then peel off and allow to dry.

The result is a cool fishnet looking technique!

Product Suggestion: Hard Candy’s Nail Color Line.

Image source: Buzzfeed

Use Eyeshadow to Make Your Own Matte Nail Polish

This one I use quite a lot and it’s super easy and looks gorgeous when finished.

You’ll need loose pigment eyeshadow colors and clear nail polish top coat.

Mix together on a plate or small cup, then apply with a brush. The result? Your very own gorgeous matte nail polish color!

Product Suggestions: Atiqa Odho Color Cosmetics Loose Shimmer Eyeshadow ( there are so many beautiful colors to choose from ) and JOKO Makeup Nail Conditioner Matte Top Coat.


Image courtesy Buzzfeed/Crafty Ninja

Tape is Your Friend

You can use tape to create just about any look you desire. The image above shows a cute diagonal shape. You can create this look, or make french tips in funky shapes, sizes zag lines, color blocks…anything you desire.

The picture above shows how simple you can go with this look, which I love. Or, you can create a two-toned look with contrasting colors against the black. I personally love pink and black because it’s timeless and classic. You can also add glitter tones as well to make a sparkling chic design.

Product Suggestion: I’ve found that OPI Nail Colors work very well for projects like these because they’re high quality and have a gorgeous range of color.

There they are, folks! Some of the easiest nail art tutorials on the planet! We would love to see how these looks turned out for you!  Share your creations with us on Social Media with hashtag #Just4GirlsPK!

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