Concealer Vs. Foundation: 101

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I am going to back up a second and ask a rhetorical question. Do you know the difference between concealer and foundation? Chances are you answered, no. Maybe you thought these products are interchangeable and serve the same purpose – they don’t. So what is the difference between these two vital makeup products? Concealer, as it states in the name, conceals. It is a heavily pigmented cosmetic product used to hide/conceal: dark spots, blemishes, scars, and any other undesired mark. Concealer usually has a thicker consistency and comes in various forms such as, liquid, stick, and powder. As mentioned above concealer contains a lot of pigment, making it easier to do spot treatment on facial imperfections. Please keep in mind that concealer should not be applied to the entire face. That is what foundation is for. Okay, so what is foundation? Foundation, again as the name implies is a base/foundation for everything you are about to apply to your face (blush, highlighter etc…). In contrast to concealer, foundation is supposed to be applied to the entire face creating a flawless canvas. It evens out skin tone, hides minor blemishes, and helps create a more uniform look. Foundation also comes in many forms: liquid, cream, spray, and powders, to just to name a few.

Finding a concealer and foundation that work for you can be a daunting task. I have naturally medium tan skin, which can turn a deep golden hue in the summer. Don’t make the number one rookie mistake like I used to and use the same color all year round. When searching for the perfect foundation make sure you find the color that best matches your skin tone. As for concealer the same one could work potentially all year. Just make sure your blending skills are up to par, and you use the proper blending tool. You don’t want to end up looking like a janky quilt with crazy patchwork. If you are stuck trying to find the foundation and concealer that suit you best, look no further than Below I have highlighted some brands that have the most variety of foundations and concealers:

Foundation –

Concealer –

Remember that neither foundations nor concealers are one color fits all. You have to do your homework and play around with the colors. A lot of times you may have to mix colors to create a shade that fits your individual shade. We are not all born with perfect skin but with the help of these two products we can fake it until we make it. Make sure you checkout Just4Girls, their selection of foundations and concealers are amazing. I guarantee there is a concealer and foundation just right for you and in your price range.

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