Contour Adventures with Maybelline Master V Contour Stick

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Using the Maybelline Master V Contour Stick is super easy and fun! Image Credit Youtube.

Contour sticks have always kind of been hit or miss with me. I don’t know what it is; I just tend to prefer the freedom of a palette where the shades are separated. However, I tried a new product this weekend and it’s totally changed my outlook on Contour Sticks in general.

Maybelline’s Master V Contour Stick is so user friendly, it’s not even funny. Here are just a few fast facts about this handy little product:

  • The Contour V-Shape Duo Stick comes in an easy glide formula with two sides. There is a darker contour side for your cheeks and a lighter side for the tops of cheekbones.  This product helps define your face structure to give the appearance of a more toned and V-shaped face ( hence the name ).
  • The formula is a velvety matte which blends easily and creates the appearance of lift.
  • Since this product is two-sided and glides easily on the face, it literally saves you a ton of time. Also, it’s available in shades ranging from Light to Medium to Deep.
Maybelline Master Contour V Stick available at is an official partner with Maybelline New York Pakistan; all of the products in our catalog are 100% authentic and genuine.

This is a product which is not only easy to use, but is very portable and lightweight. It’s replaced the big, bulky contour palette taking up a lot of space on my vanity table. It has also cut my getting ready time to less than half it was before.

Here’s how to use this great little stick:

  1. Using the dark shade side of the stick, apply color along the jawline and hallows of the cheeks. Be sure to blend well with a stipple brush, beauty sponge or dense contour brush. I’ve tried this with several different tools and I prefer the look that the beauty blender gives you above all. The stipple brush is a close second.
  2. Turn the stick to the lighter side and apply highlights to the bridge of nose and tops of cheeks. You can also apply on your forehead, on the cupid’s bow of the lips and in the inner corners of your eyes. Again, you want to make sure you blend really well, and with a different brush. Sometimes you can get away with using just one brush, but I really recommend having separate brushes for your highlight and contour. It keeps your makeup looking fresh and avoids a muddy look.

The Maybelline Master V Contour Stick is available at in the shades Light and Medium. When selecting the shade that’s appropriate, you want to choose a contour shade that is two tones darker than your foundation shade and a highlighter that is two shades lighter than. Otherwise, you won’t have much of a contour or highlight. What makes these looks so successful is the contrast between the base shade ( your foundation ), the contrast ( contour ) and highlights added to the high and low parts of your face.

I just know you guys are going to love this stick! Be sure and grab one up over at before they’re all gone!



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