Creating Captivating and Alluring Neutral Eye Looks

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Neutral looks are so simple, easy and ultra chic. Image courtesy Bobbi Brown. Shop Authentic Bobbi Brown Cosmetics and Brushes at!

Eyeshadow doesn’t have to be super defined or complicated; you can create some very glamorous and chic looks using only a few products. Bobbi Brown is famous for having built both a career and empire on the “no-makeup-makeup look.” The products that bear her name are still synonymous with elegant simplicity when it comes to makeup.

Common misconceptions I’ve heard when it comes to creating “nude” eye looks:

  1. “It will wash me out.” No, it really doesn’t when it buddies up with other products. The key to pulling this off is making sure you’re wearing foundation, concealer, blush and a little bit of color on your lips.
  2. “What’s the point in wearing makeup if you can’t see it?” Oh, you can definitely tell you have it on; it’s just not as complex as a full out wing,  false lashes and a four shade eyeshadow look. You can still tell someone is wearing makeup; it’s just less “flashy,” for lack of a better word.
  3. “If it’s supposed to be natural, then I don’t need brushes or anything, right?” Nope. In fact, the brushes are what make this look work when used correctly.
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There is definitely a formula to creating easy, bare-faced looks. I’ll share with you some tips I learned while working for a major cosmetics brand when it comes to creating quick and gorgeous no-makeup-makeup looks:

Primers are your friend

Not just face primers, either. Eyeshadow and mascara primers are a must if you want to get the most out of your products look and wear wise.

There are definite tricks of the trade when it comes to eyeshadow primers

Just like primers come in different tones and consistencies for all over the face, the same applies to eyeshadow primers.

One of the best things you can do is pick the ride shade and consistency of eyeshadow primer. A darker primer will make smokey eyes pop while a white primer is best for vibrant color.

When creating a natural look, choose a primer that matches your complexion or is slightly lighter. This is going to brighten up your eye as well as seamlessly connect your eyeshadow shade ( if you’re using a true nude palette ) to your skin tone. That way, the shadow looks more natural and seamless.

Earthy tones tend to work best when creating a true “nude” look

One of the tricks we learned at the makeup counter was how to make earth tones work three dimensionally. The way to achieve this is by using a black kohl liner and creating three lines, one at the inner corner of the eyelid, one in the middle of the eyelid and one on the outer corner. Then blend with an eyeliner brush until the lines match up. It will look like a “blurred” line at this point. Then apply your neutral brown or olive green on top of the line. It will cover up the eyeliner, but not completely; the eyeliner will give the illusion of depth and definition from underneath the nude tone shadow. You can go back over this with liquid or kohl liner and finish with mascara ( like this Bourjois Clubbing Mascara).

How do you like to rock your nude makeup look? Share your creations with us on FacebookInstagramand Twitter using hashtag #Just4GirlsPK!

If you want more about primers, check out the article Primers and How They Can Up Your Makeup Game.

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