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Makeup Obsession gives you the option of customizing your own palettes with individual singles. Image Credit Evening Standard.

Makeup Obsession is one of the brands thriving under the umbrella of Revolution Beauty ( formerly known as Tam Beauty ), and it has a special feature that the other Revolution Beauty brands don’t. You can actually customize your own palette with the eyeshadow singles of your choice.

First, you’ll want to choose the size and color palette to store your singles in. has a great selection of Makeup Obsession palettes in several different colors and sizes. My favorite is the White palette and the Rose Gold palette. They also have black ones which are very chic, and easily customizable if you’re a budding artist who likes to DIY up your cases.

Then, you decide exactly which singles you want to include in your palette. You can mix things up and add shadows, blush and lips, but personally, I like to keep those separate from one another. The reason being that in the event you accidentally get shadow dust on your lip colors, it’s going to be a pain getting it out. Blush and shadow could be grouped together, but I always encourage people to keep their lip colors separate.

Also, I definitely recommend keeping highlighters separate if you possibly can, but these could be mixed in with eyeshadows if you are working with a tight budget or don’t have the space for several different palettes.

You might be thinking, “but how do I choose which colors?” There really is no right or wrong way to build a palette with Makeup Obsession singles. However, if you need a little assistance, you can always go to Pinterest and search for palettes others have built, or take a picture of a palette you really like and use it as a reference. There are also apps like the Pantone app which can help you put color palettes together, which would make it easier if you’re wanting to build a non conventional palette.

I honestly love Makeup Obsession’s Lip color singles. I’ve done several articles celebrating the return of the creme lipstick, because to me, it’s the best way to apply lip color. There are shades from deep wines and browns to bright pinks. Using a creme lip color gives you a lot of freedom to contour and highlight your lips, create ombre and two tone lips and aim for precision in details using a lip brush.

There are even more shades to choose from within Makeup Obsession’s Eyeshadow singles. You have everything from bold color shades to warm tones to lovely neutrals. The best part about creating your own palettes is the fact that you’re not stuck with shades you’re not going to use or shades you don’t like. And, if you get tired of a certain shade, you can pop it out and replace it with another one. To use the singles, all you have to do is pop out the ones you’re not using and pop in the shades you wish to replace them with. It is a very easy process.

Be sure to head over to and grab up your singles and palette before they’re gone!


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