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Makeup palettes are pretty much the best. Especially in terms of efficiency, it is always convenient to have everything you want in one place. Moreover, the only thing better than stumbling upon an ideal palette is customizing your perfect palette–am I right, ladies? Yes, I’m talking the best possible shades of eyeshadows, blushes, highlighters, and even contour powders that suit your skin tone and your unique style. So, instead of using the same shades over and over again, go with an option that lets you select every shade and arrange your own palette. That way, no shade goes untouched and every shade feels the love–and you are not wasting money buying things that you won’t get any use out of.

So, if you ladies are itching to give the customizable palettes a go, consider Makeup Obsession. But, before we really dive into the nitty gritty, it is worth letting you ladies in on the brand’s concept: Makeup Obsession sells individual blush, brow powder, contour, lip color, eyeshadow, highlighter, and strobe that come in their own flip-top case–so far so normal. What sets them apart, however, is that you can pop the round tin that the products come in out and press them into a bigger palette shell. That is right, the brand sells empty palettes that house 6 or 12 singles so that you ladies can personally curate your own makeup palettes. It is as easy that. And, when you ladies hit the pan on any of your shades, you can just pop in a brand new replacement (ranging from 270-400 PKR) of the very same shade–or you can mix things up and go with a new shade if you are feeling cheeky. So, creating a personalized palette with no throwaway shades definitely feels like a major win, but with so many options to choose from, building the actual palette can feel a bit overwhelming. Well, lucky for you ladies, that is what we are here for. Below is the step by step process to building your very own perfect Makeup Obsession Palette:

  1. The first step the personalized palette process is choosing your own palette. Makeup Obsession carries palettes that range from metallic and matte and come in various different shades and sizes (Medium Palette in Luxe Gold Obsession, Medium Palette in Luxe Matte Obsession, Large Palette in Luxe Rose Gold Obsession, Large Palette in Basic Total White Obsession, and many more.)
  2. The second step is when the process starts to get fun by filling your palette with blushes, contours, eyeshadows, lip colors, or highlighters. The possibilities are endless. To add the pans to your palette, you simply open the box that they come in, push the back of the pan until it pops out and click it onto place in the desired slot on the palette that you’ve chosen.
  3. The third step is the most important: customize your palette! At J4G, we’re all about channeling summer vibes, so we’ve decided to create a warm-toned yet smoky personalized 6 pan Medium Palette in Basic White Obsession. The following shades of eyeshadow, highlighter, and contour powder made our cut: Burnt (a matte terra-cotta), Rare (a shimmering plum), Copper (a matte brown), Scene (a rose gold shimmer), Contour Powder in C104 Medium (that could also double as a daytime shadow), and Bare (a soft and natural powder highlighter). In total, the cost of this customized palette amounts to 2,430 PKR. Best of all, the color payoff rivals that of the many more expensive palettes out there. They feel silky smooth and are easy to blend onto the face and fingers, or even a brush.

In the end, it can’t be denied: these products are great quality and oh-so-affordable. The range itself is HUGE. There are powder products, as well as a variety of cream contours, lip colors, highlighters, and strobes. So, from the comfort of your own couch, you ladies can create your own look, matching your personality and style, with your very own Makeup Obsession Palette. All of the Makeup Obsession products mentioned above are available on, so you ladies can build a palette full of products that you personally selected. Obsessed? I know I am. 😉

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