Don’t Starve Yourself of Beauty This Ramadan, Get Yourself a GlamPak Instead

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Here we are ladies, full fledge into the month of Ramadan. With the beauty that this holy month signifies, J4G have put together a beauty pouch of goodies for this festive season! The GlamPak’s (the newest edition to the J4G Glam Series) are packed with J4G handpicked essentials to reflect the month of giving and gifting.

You see ladies, beyond Ramadan, with the passing of the seasons comes the opportunity to change up your beauty routine, and the GlamPak offers the perfect chance to experiment with new products–with the added bonus that it will often end up saving you loads of money in the process. A new GlamPak will be revealed every month and will come in a collectable and reusable pouch containing one full sized beauty product and four beauty samples from a variety of makeup, skincare, body care, and fragrance categories–all for just PKR 1,000.00!

I mean really, not much beats the sound of a parcel packed with amazing makeup, skin care, fragrance, and body care products landing on the front door mat every month. Giving beauty-obsessives all over the globe an opportunity to experiment with innovative products and cult classics without even having to leave their house sounds like a deal to us. So, satisfy your love of all things beauty–without starving yourself–this Ramadan with J4G’s newest addition to the Glam Series. I’m telling you ladies, the GlamPak is one that is worth investing in.

Best of all, considering eco-conscious beauty is now far more than a passing trend, it makes sense for J4G’s latest from the Glam Series to be a reusable pouch filled with products that are as kind to the plant as they are to your skin. The aim is to help women lead happier, healthier lives, so each GlamPak contains a curated collection of full to sample size beauty and skin care products for as little as PKR 1,000.00. That is right ladies, get all the products you want to try out this Ramadan for a fraction of the price when you order a GlamPak on They are perfect pick-me-up for the season, so put down those spoons and pick up a GlamPak today! 😉

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