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I spend quite a lot time outdoors as my work and leisure requires me to do so, and being out in the hot sun doesn’t do my skin any good. I started noticing discoloration on my face and skin as well as bit of reddishness on my arms. After some searching on the web, I came across Pharmaceris Intensive Whitening Night Cream on Just4Girls.pk.

As it is night cream, I used to apply it on face and skin before going to bed. After using it for a month, I started seeing black patches diminish as well as the red spots which were on my arms fade away. Following the instructions, I started avoiding direct sunlight when using the item which helped the healing process. This cream acts as a sun filter as well which really helped my case.

I would recommend this night cream to everyone especially those who are out in the hot and dusty environment, where the chances of skin being damaged are quite high. People mostly use day creams but using night creams is essential since the healing properties of your body and skin are at its highest when you sleep at night. As this cream contains Vitamin E, I felt my skin being a lot smoother then before and feeling rejuvenated.

I suggest checking this product out at Just4Girls.pk and give it a try yourself!

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