Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Your Hair Type

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The saying ‘people always want what they don’t have’ could not be truer when it comes to hair. I personally have natural, thick, straight, black hair. First, let me say this, I am just thankful I have hair so no actual complaints from my end. However, there are times I wish it was a lighter shade or I had some natural beachy waves. My sister on the other hand has the most gorgeous natural curls that are loose and thick. There has been more than one occasion that I wish I could switch hair with her. Moving on, I have had a lot of friends ask me lately what my hair type is, and I had no response for them. I really didn’t know. I just always assumed it was basic South Asian hair. After some research and talking to my hairdresser there are 12 hair categories ranging from stick straight to tight coils. Hair is fun, it is basically an accessory that you can color, cut, change, cover etc. Look at the breakdown below for the 12 categories of hair.

Type 1 – Straight Hair

1A – Very fine, almost baby like hair; the roots get oily pretty quickly.

1B – These strands are a bit fuller, and tend to curve in at the end

1C – Still mostly straight, with a few waves tucked in and around but thicker than the previous two types

Type 2 – Wavy Hair

2A – The ‘I woke up like this’ hair, naturally tussled with minimal bends throughout

2B – Natural surfer girl hair, no salt spray needed

2C – Thick full waves, without using the styling wand

Type 3 – Curly Hair

3A – A soft mixture of wavy and curly hair, a beautiful blend

3B – These are elongated spirals that flow down to the shoulders, not starting at the root

3C – Corkscrew curls, thick and prone to frizz but clearly defined

Type 4 – Coil Hair

4A – A head of full of mini curls marks this type of hair, the diameter of each ringlet can range from pencil size to even smaller

4B – “When wet, the Z-shaped kinks and S-shaped coils of 4B hair can be spotted. However, without the proper product regimen, frizz can quickly overcome any natural curl definition.”

4C –“There is no distinct curl pattern in this type, which makes it extra hard to detangle. This dense texture makes it very difficult to get any definition.” Think amazing 70s Afro.
The above guide is a very simplistic breakdown of the major hair types out there. Be bold and daring experiment with you hair, cut it, dye it, and curl it.

You can even throw on wigs if you are afraid of commitment. Share your hair type with me, send to sadaf@just4girls.pk/blog.

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