Evoluderm Is About To Launch In Pakistan – Get Ready!

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I have been on a skincare kick for a minute. Maybe it is the change in weather? We all know that with hot temperatures things can become a hot mess. It is imperative that you alter your skincare routine to match the weather outside. I say this because I have fallen victim to using the same regimen year round and my skin paid for it. You cannot use your winter oils, such as rosehip during the warmer months. Your skin will feel heavy and suffocated. When it is hot as a mother outside keep in mind the humidity in the air has also increased, which causes increased sebum and sweat production. Thank the lord for sweat in hot times, but it really just leads to clogged pores and breakouts. With the weather outside hitting 40 or more degrees the face becomes a hotbed for icky bacteria, which means that people with acne prone skin need to take extra preventative measures.

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If you haven’t altered your skincare routine yet, no need to fret. Evoluderm is launching in Pakistan any day now, and their products are out of this world. Just4Girls.pk will be carrying Evoluderm exclusively, making it easy as 1,2,3 to get French made skincare at your doorstep. Believe me when I say you need these Evoluderm beauty products when changing up your skincare routine. Check out my list below for items that you should start to incorporate to help your skin radiate all summer long:

Argan Beauty Oil – This magical beauty oil does wonders for the face, body and hair. Argan, when harvested and made into oil is one of the best natural moisturizers on the market. It revitalizes skin and hair by hydrating it. If you are feeling dry or patchy, a couple of drops of argan oil will do the trick. The smell is also fantastic, with notes of rose, vanilla, and cedar.

Peach Exfoliating Scrub – In summer the sun can easily irritate the face, so skin is susceptible to peeling and flaking. To gently remove dead skin and debris using this exfoliate. The peach extract boosts the skin’s elasticity and protects against external aggressions. Apricot kernels have been mulled down to grain size, which help exfoliate and tone. And lastly the glycerin allows moisture to reach down deep into pores.

Toning Lotion Sensitive Skin – Want clear, toned skin in a single step, then this product is for you! After washing your face, pour some of this toner onto a cotton pad and wipe across your face. What I love about this product is that is paraben and alcohol free, so it does not dry out your face. Made from rose floral water, which soothes and reduces redness. The scent is light and delightful and not overpowering like some other toners.

Surgras Shower Gel – I have finally found a shower gel that my whole family can use. My Amma and me have sensitive skin, while my Abba has dry skin; none of us could ever use the same body wash until now. Surgras shower gel moisturizes and cleanses the skin without irritation. Skin is left feeling soft and delicately scented. The secrete is the sweet almond oil and Ghanaian shea butter.

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