Fall and Winter Makeup Trends We Can’t Wait to Try

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To be honest I am not really a fall or winter person. I hate wearing layers, puffy coats, and most of all I get really irritable when I am cold. Having said that, one thing I do look forward to in the winter is wearing bold, dark, makeup. Black is the new red and believe it or not, it is flattering and fun to wear. I have been stalking all the runways and model instagram’s to see what’s hot this season. Checkout my list below for the hottest trends we are going to see for the next couple of months.

  1. Gothic Lips – Move over vampire lips, goth lips have taken over. This is not your grandma’s berry shade; we are talking heavily pigmented dark burgundy to actual black.  Checkout:
  1. Blue Eye Makeup – Repeatedly I have said the 90’s are back with a vengeance. It could not be truer with this makeup trend. I never thought Mimi from the Drew Carey show would become the makeup icon we all have been searching for in 2017. She rocked blue lids like a pro back in 1995, and we are all here to emulate her fierce style. Give us blue all day:
  1. Crazy Curls – Put away your flatiron ladies! A longtime friend of ours is having a resurgence – the curling iron, and wait for it…foam rollers. Bye-bye sleek and hello freak! Messy, tousled, big hair was all over the runways. Tryout the following to get your hair to do the same:
  1. Eyeliner Galore – Remember when we all used to put eyeliner all around our eyes, starting from the eyelid and circling back from the waterline? I’m so happy this look is back in action. Eyes that look daring and mysterious, and we can get down with that. Checkout these liners to create the look:
  1. Metallic Musings – Golds, coppers, and silvers – oh my! Metallics are having a moment, no doubt. Whether you’re dabbing on your eyelids or streaking along your cheekbones, taking this summer trend into fall is just awesome. The following are metallic must-haves:

These fall/winter trends are so fun! Don’t be shy, play around with them and experiment. Show me your fav trend of the moment. Send pictures to Sadaf@just4girls.pk/blog, for a chance to be featured on our instagram.

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