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If you are like me and love makeup, especially well known brands, then you really need to check out Just4Girls.pk! Just4Girls.pk has the best makeup brands in Pakistan, from MUA to Maybelline New York to Huda Beauty and more.

Shop Huda Beauty at Just4Girls.pk
Huda Beauty Obsessions Ruby Palette available at Just4Girls.pk

Today, I want to highlight some of my favorite products, all of which are available at Just4Girls.pk, the place where you can find the hottest cosmetics brands in Pakistan.

Maybelline New York Available at Just4Girls.pk
Maybelline New York Colossal Kajal Smudge Proof Liner in Black available at Just4Girls.pk
  1. Maybelline New York Colossal Kajal Smudge Proof Liner in Black: for those who didn’t know, Maybelline is one of the oldest cosmetics brands on the market. This particular liner is a true black, perfect for tightlining and will last all day long.
  2. Maybelline Colossal Big Shot Mascara in Poppin Purple: If you’re looking to give yourself a pop of color or neon this summer but don’t want to overdo it, put one of these in your cart. Maybelline is credited with inventing the first makeup products for every day use, as well as the first to mass market mascara. The creator of Maybelline named the company after his sister, who inspired him to invent a travel and user friendly version of mascara. He watched his sister use Vaseline and charcoal as a makeshift mascara and felt there had to be a better (and less messy) way. With the help of a small chemistry kit and his sister’s input, Maybelline New York was born. To order this as well as selections featuring the best mascara in Pakistan, be sure to visit Just4Girls.pk.
  3. BH Cosmetics Summer in St. Tropez Eyeshadow Palette: Since neons and brights are so popular this summer, I would recommend picking up one of these from Just4Girls.pk. BH Cosmetics is known for highly pigmented, easy to apply formulas. This is a budget friendly brand, and I can tell you from experience that their shadows last a good while. You get 16 shades in shimmers and mattes that you can mix and match or wear individually. Pampellone and Jet Set are my favorites. You can apply Pampelonne to the corners of your eyelids (inner or outer) to give yourself a neon pop of pigment perfect for Summer 2021.
  4. Juvia’s Place Nubian 3 Coral Eyeshadow Palette: With this palette, you get twelve shades of mattes and shimmers all in nude and coral tones. Perfect for Summer, plus you can easily mix and match these shades to create your perfect look.
  5. Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb in Ruby Red: I remember when Fenty Beauty premiered and released the first color of Gloss Bomb in Fenty Glow. It became a permanent staple in many people’s makeup bags (mine included). It just looked so good on everyone that it seemed hard to think that Rihanna could improve upon this simple, yet dynamic formula. She did, of course, and now the Gloss Bomb line offers several shades, including: Cake Shake, Baby Brut, Fu$$y, Hot Chocolit, $weet Mouth, Diamond Milk, Glass Slipper, Ruby Red and the original Fenty Glow. Ruby Red is perfect if you’re wanting to add a pop of color. Just4Girls.pk also has a Fenty Beauty Glossy Posse Mini Gloss Bomb Collection which is super cute and super chic.
  6. Fenty Beauty Fenty Glow Trio Face, Lip and Body Set: I love how this set gives you three Fenty favorites that you can use to give yourself an every day glam. All of the products: Gloss Bomb, Mini Diamond Bomb and full sized Cheeks Out Freestyle Blush are in the iconic rose-shade of Fenty Glow. This shade is a MUST if you’re building a solid makeip kit. Comparable to NARS’ Orgasm shade, Fenty Glow is timeless and looks good on literally everyone.
  7. NARS Mini Seduction Kit: Speaking of Orgasm, if you’ve never tried the shade, then grab this mini seduction kit. You get three pieces of NARS cosmetics: Mini Raw Seduction Lipstick, Mini Orgasm Blush and a Mini Climax Mascara. Just4Girls.pk has the best mascara in Pakistan, and this is definitely one of them.
  8. NARS Illuminator in Hot Sand: I love how warm and lush this product is. You can use this literally anywhere to give yourself a shimmery boost. I tend to use just a little bit right at the top of my cheekbones, but you can also put a dot on the cupid’s bow of your lips as well.
  9. MUA Pro-Brow Ultimate Eyebrow Kit: If you need an eyebrow kit that does it all, then be sure to put this in your cart. This comes with two shades of brown, highlighter and setting gel as well as some mini tweezers. One tip I’ve learned about eyebrows: you want to stay with the shade of your brows, or go one shade lighter. I used to think you had to go a shade darker, but this isn’t the case. Going too dark with your brow color will end up throwing your makeup off and potentially making your brows look out of proportion.
  10. MUA Pro 6 Shade Eyeshadow Palette in Soft Suedes: I really love this palette and blog about it often, because it’s so versatile. Every shade is matte, so you can go full on with a VSCO girl look, or you can use the shades one at a time. I find that mattes are becoming more and more of my every day routine lately because they seem to go with everything I wear. With this palette, you get three brown toned shades and three pinkish, nude, coral shades.
  11. Amelia Beauty Blender and Golden Rose Beauty Blender Sponge Three Piece Set: If you’re in need of a blender and are looking for the best beauty blender price in Pakistan, both of these choices are really good ones. I personally like the Golden Rose kit because you have three different sponges: one for your foundation, one for concealer and one for blush. You’ll get the best results from your blender if you wet your sponge before hand. Another thing to keep in mind with blender sponges, is that you need to make sure you’re keeping them clean. Otherwise, they can store bacteria which can lead to breakouts. What I do to clean mine is use a good quality soap (Dawn dish soap can be used, or any type of blender specific cleanser), wash and rinse thoroughly. Then, you want to scald the blender in hot water. If you have a microwave, put your blender in a microwave safe bowl of water for ninety seconds. If not, you can use water from a hot tea kettle (just not super boiling hot). Put your blender in a bowl and pour the hot water over. Let the blenders sit for a while (5-10 minutes), then remove the hot water and rinse under cool water. The soap and hot water work together to kill bacteria and sanitize your beauty tool.
  12. Clinique Exclusive 5-Piece Long Last Glosswear Set: This set comes with five gorgeous Clinique shades: Sweet Tooth (#25), Happy (#27), Cupid’s Bow (#33), Love at First Sight (#24) and Purple Crush (#34). Clinique is known for fun, peppy and bright colors, so this set definitely does not disappoint. This is perfect for Summer looks and you can wear them with or without lip liner.
  13. Clinique Pep-Start Eye Cream: Technically not a “makeup” product, but definitely something you really want to add to your stash. This eye cream comes in a convenient travel size and instantly brightens and hydrates your under eye area. Combats visible signs of puffy eyes and helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  14. Clinique Mini Rinse Off Eye Makeup Solvent: Again, this is more of a skincare product, but everyone who wears shadows, liner and mascara needs a good (and gentle) eye makeup remover product. Cinique’s formula is one of the most tried and true products on the market, because it is gentle and it actually works like it says it will. To use, dab a couple of drops onto a cotton pad (the flat, round ones work best for this) and gently swipe away your eye makeup, being careful not to tug or pull. Being too forceful with your undereye area can cause broken and bruised blood vessels as well as wrinkles.
  15. Huda Beauty Lip Contour Kit in Trophy Wife and Shameless: Huda is another businesswoman I admire so very much. For those who didn’t know, started out with a job in finance. Eventually, she quit to become a makeup artist and eventually started her own blog. In 2013, she and her sisters started Huda Beauty because she couldn’t find false eyelashes to buy. The venture started out as something the sisters did for fun, and as you can now see, has grown into a multi-million dollar cosmetics empire. This kit is one of my favorite Huda lip kits; perfect for a date night or just to dress up your every day look. If you’re wearing this, I would recommend pairing with a nude/downplayed eye look so the lip color is able to shine on its own. Just4Girls.pk also has the Huda Beauty Lip Contour Set in Heartbreaker and Shameless, which is yet another gorgeous lip contour kit.
  16. Huda Beauty Obsessions Eyeshadow Palette in Ruby: Huda’s Obsessions series are another wildly popular line that seem to sell out in literal minutes after being launched. This palette has five glitter chrome and four gorgeous matte shades all in ruby and scarlet tones. Huda is also known for her highly pigmented palettes, which is another reason why they sell out so quickly. What does that mean, exactly? Well, do you ever get a palette that looks so vibrant and colorful, only to find that the colors go on chalky and muted? That’s because some palettes may look one way in the pan, but less colorful on your face due to having less pigment (the medium which acutally makes an eyeshadow a certain color) and more fillers. With Huda’s shadows, you’re getting an awful lot of pigment which is why they go on so thick and vibrant. Another palette in this series that I love is the Neon Orange Obsessions Palette, which is (you guessed it ) nine shades of hot orange colors with some pinks, yellows and magenta thrown in there for contrast.
  17. Amelia Professional Eyeshadow Kit in Perfect: I really like the variety of shades in this ten shade palette, particularly the pinks and blues. If you’re wanting to try the neon looks everyone is talking about, this is a good palette to do that with. I would definitely not use more than one dynamic color at once if you’re doing the simple look. These are long-lasting, blend easily and the pans are removable and the palette is refillable.
  18. Huda Beauty Legit Lashes Mascara 2 in 1 in Very Vanta: This is a super great set which gives you two mascaras in one. You can layer them or wear individually. Side A is volume, which gives a volumizing effect for thicker and fuller lashes, and side B is formulated for length and curl. If you’re going to combine them, I would suggest using the Volume side first, then using the curl and length side.
  19.  Makeup Revolution Skincare Multi Acid Peeling Solution: If you don’t have one of these in your vanity kit, then I would suggest getting one today. This is an actual peel, which means it will dissolve a thin layer of skin. This is one of the most effective ways to get rid of dead skin and to keep acne at bay. You definitely do NOT want to use this more than twice a week (once a week if you have sensitive skin). I use this peel literally every week, and I can tell when I skip even one treatment. If you struggle with Acne, this is going to be your new best friend because it helps clear up patches of dead, dull skin which can help combat the appearance of acne and blemishes. Use at night, apply to skin and leave on for no longer than ten minutes. I suggest doing this for five minutes for your first go around. Rinse off, and then pat dry. Definitely also avoid the eye and mouth area. Your skin is going to thank you for using this, trust me.
  20. Evoluderm Anti Imperfections Mattifying Moisturizer for Combination to Oily Skin: This formula contains, Zinc, Pink Grapefruit Extract and Rice Power to help you moisturize your skin without feeling sticky or oily. The Zinc also acts as an astringent to help clear up acne and tighten pores.

For more quality makeup brands, be sure to visit Just4Girls.pk. You can also reach out to our Beauty Advisors, who are always ready to help you choose the products that are perfect for you. Our  Beauty Advisor, Jaweria Artistry, is ready to help you with all of your makeup and skincare needs! Drop her a line today on Insta, or Message her on Just4Girls.pk!

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