Get Fuller, Thicker Brows With the Best MUA Brow Products

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As we all know, the eyes are the windows to the soul. So in that case, your brows are the strategically placed and insanely stylish curtains above them. They are the primary facial focal points. You see ladies, they act as arrows that frame, define, and draw attention to you eyes–just as curtains do to windows. Moreover, most of our brow journeys–much like most journeys–are filled with plenty of twists and turns. Beauty standards and brow preferences couldn’t have changed more over the last decade. Gone are the super-sparse brows of the nineties; now, we are all about beefing them up.

Not everyone, however, is blessed with thick, full, Delevinge-esque eyebrows, so for the unblessed we’re having to fake it in the brow department. Although, I will say that us Pakistani women naturally exhibit that full brow trait, am I right ladies? 😉 Even so, there is still confusion due to the revolving door of brow products now available. Back in the day, a brow pencil was pretty much the only tool in the arsenal of brow products, but present day we’ve got pomades, powders, gels, brushes, definers, and whole kits to wear in combination or alone. MUA, specifically, has an expansive range of brow products; from slip resistant pomades to expertly angled eyebrow pencils and tinted brow gels that define and shape quite easily, they have some of the very best eyebrow makeup products that the beauty sphere has to offer at the moment. Below are the best MUA brow products to get fuller, thicker brows:

  1. The MUA Eyebrow Brush with Comb is ideal for brushing through the brows. The flexible brush side shapes and grooms eyebrow hair into place, creating a volumized, bushy effect. It is also useful for blending in previously applied brow color. The MUA Angled Eyebrow Brush is designed for eyebrow definition. Use it to define, add, or fill in brows. It can also be used for the application of powder, liquid, or cream products on the brows.
  2. The classic brow pencil remains an essential when it comes to filling in, shaping, defining, and emphasizing. Groom your brows to perfection with the MUA Eyebrow Pencil. It helps to frame your face. One end has a brush to groom your brows and ensure that they are in place, whilst the pencil itself adds definition for the finishing touch to any makeup look.
  3. MUA Luxe Power 3 in 1 Brow Definer says it all in the name. The 3 in 1 pencil, powder, and spooley are for ultimate brow grooming, shaping, and definition. Overall, it a super affordable solution for full, albeit completely natural-looking brows.
  4. MUA Mascara Brow Define is a tinted mascara created specifically for your brows. When applied, the brow mascara adds emphasis to your natural color and shape.
  5. Do it all with the MUA Pro Brow Ultimate Eyebrow Kit, an all-in-one shape, shade, and highlight. Packed with expertly derived shades and formulas, this kit includes everything you need to groom and accentuate the brows. Mix both universal brow powders for the perfect shade, and lock your brow look in place with the gel. The kit also includes dual-ended rounded and angled brow brushes.

So ladies, between all the brow powders, gels, pomades, and pencils, the beauty world boasts a font of product in the name of bold and beautiful eyebrows. However, here at J4G we have a strong preference when it comes to MUA brow products and their formulas. All of the best MUA brow products mentioned above are available on From velvety soft pencils that fill in the eyebrows stroke-by-stroke to entire brow kits, MUA literally has it all when it comes to formulas and shades. That is right ladies, don’t wait any longer to achieve your best brows from the comfort of your own home. All you all have to do is a click a button or two 😉

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