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With all the fake news out there it’s hard to tell what is real these days. One thing that is stamped with fact, and most of us can agree on is – Rihanna is the baddest b****!!! Legit since this musician added beauty mogul to her credentials she has been unstoppable. When Rihanna dropped Fenty Beauty last year on September 8, 2017 the beauty world came to a halt in awe, for good reason also. Rihanna created the most inclusive makeup line ever in history with 40 foundation shades to match me and you, your momma and your cousin too (shout out OutKast, Elevators ayeee)!

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When the goddess herself teased a new product called Body Lava the World Wide Web went wild. Body Lava is product that pays homage to our middle school days when we used to douse ourselves in jelly infused with glitter. Before the clock hit midnight on its release day Body Lava was already sold out. Ummm unfortunately I couldn’t get my hands on this magical stuff and it’s not available anywhere in Pakistan. I had to get creative and suss around for amazing body glitter oils/illuminizers that could keep up. After searching high and low, Just4Girls came through in the clutch. If you want Rihanna like sheen and sizzle try these lave alternatives:

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Hard Candy Glow All The Way Face & Body Luminizer – Glamazon Bronze (PKR 1,399) – I love this Hard Candy Glow All the way collection. I use Glamazon Bronze because I get really tan and the summer and it matches my skin to perfection. I like the formula a lot also due its light and airy texture, which is really easy to spread all over the body with either your bare hands or a gloves. Also it is very moisturizing and does not streak. And if you are a bling bling bb this luminizer is infused with 24 carat gold. Go on get your shine on boo!

Makeup Revolution Pearl Lights Loose Highlighter – Sunset Gold (PKR 950)I love deep golden hues when it comes to illuminating my skin. You need to checkout the whole Pearl Lights Loose Highlighter range; there is a sensual shade that is perfect for you. The loose powder is so finely milled that once applied to the skin it is not overpowering. It is so easy to apply with a kabuki brush. If you don’t like loose powder no stress because it can easily be mixed in with your fabody lotion for an all over application. Can be applied in layers to build up intensity.
MUA Prism Loose Powder Highlighter – Star Illusion (PKR 1,500)If you want your body to rival a mermaids then this highlighter is for you! It is a multifaceted pigment that gives off kaleidoscope like vibes. This prism highlighter is ideal for any part of the body that your want to accentuate. Depending on the where the light hits you you can illuminate pink, purple and gold. For the most hypnotic of looks, blend the loose powder with cream and swipe all over your body. If you don’t want the highlighter to move and stay in place use a fixing spray.

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So there your have it! If you can’t get your hands on Body Lava there are other options out there to give you the same effect for half the price. So go on, get your glow on!

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