Happy International Women’s Day 2020! Here’s to the empowerment of all women everywhere!

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Here’s to all the Women: Businesswomen, Mothers, Activists, Leaders, Grandmothers, Trend-setters, Aunts, Sisters, Daughters…today is the day we recognize you for the powerful, amazing woman that you are!

Happy International Women's Day from Just4Girls.pk! Image Credit: @axel.bueckert via Twenty20.
Happy International Women’s Day from Just4Girls.pk!
Image Credit: @axel.bueckert via Twenty20.

I am so blessed and thankful to be part of an amazing team which supports and empowers women.

As a woman who has faced multiple challenges in life due to my gender, I encourage all women everywhere to keep pushing forward. Keep breaking records. Keep excelling in your fields and talent areas. Keep pushing boundaries and setting new limits. Keep discovering new things. Keep encouraging and empowering each other.

Most importantly, KEEP GOING!

Girl, you got this! Keep on shining, keep on empowering yourself and other women, and keep on doing your thing!

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