Highlight the Bright and Embrace the Most Pigmented Makeup Ever With Juvia’s Place This Fall Season

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Here at J4G, we may sell skin whitening products because everyone’s got their hustle and we’ve got to cater to our customers, but we DO NOT support the colorism that has permeated the standard of beauty in our culture for eras. The popularity of harmful whitening soaps and lotions is alarming–a $10 billion a year industry–despite the potential health ramifications. Aside from physically self-inflicting pain, these skin whitening products communicate to those with darker skin tones (like myself) that we should be ashamed of the beautiful pigment that encapsulates our body, and thus burn it down for something whiter and better. In fact, the idea that “white is right” has been ingrained in South Asian culture, specifically Pakistani, for generations upon generations, and has now become apart of our consciousness.

We should not, however, be subjugated by these outdated and outlandish colonial ideas that have become ingrained in our psyche because a white skin tone is NOT a benchmark of beauty. Fortunately enough, in recent years, many in the beauty world have started to realize that and have demanded for more accurate representation from makeup and skin care brands. Juvia’s Place, for example, is a black-owned cosmetic brand that is owned and operated by the beautiful Nigerian born goddess herself, Chichi Eburu, who began the company with the intention of providing rich, vibrant, and highly pigmented makeup that will, above all else, flatter deeper skin tones. Us melanated sisters, as you all know, have so often been excluded in the formulation of mainstream makeup as mere afterthoughts, and are now being brought to the forefront. Now, Juvia’s Place has quickly climbed the ranks to becoming a top indie beauty brand, and rightly so, because if there is anyone in the beauty sphere that knows how to create bold makeup, it’s Juvia’s Place. Below are the best Juvia’s Place products that highlight the bright and embrace pigment to the fullest this fall:

  1. Juvia’s Place creates eyeshadow palettes inspired by Africa–the cradle of life. Juvia’s The Nubian 2 Eyeshadow Palette, in particular, pays homage to the OG queen of beauty, Nefertiti, with her image on the cover of the palette that includes a combo of lush metallic and matte eye-popping brights. And yes, it may sound like too much for fall, but according to the Pantone Fashion Color Trend Report for Fall/Winter 2008, it is all about combining classism with colorful expression this season. Furthermore, the report features a bold palette of autumnal hues complemented by some unexpected shades and deep and rich tones with outbursts of colorful surprises. So, the shadow’s creamy, butter-like texture doesn’t just leave any crumbly fall out under the eyes but also maintains that insane color payoff. The shadows are so intensely pigmented that they look pretty much the same on all skin tones. Side note: the pigmentation is something you ladies need to see to believe.
  2. Juvia’s Empress Lip Sets are the lushest of lip duo’s that come with one matte and one metallic matte liquid lipstick. They are highly pigmented, creamy liquid lipsticks that glide on to provide extreme comfort and durability. The Empress Lip Set in Madame is a beautiful purple plum that is perfect for a fall statement lip and very universally flattering. The Empress Lip Set in Taytu is a vampy dark maroon/deep burgundy shade that makes the boldest of fall statements–especially in its metallic version.

In the end, Juvia’s Place is a holy grail brand when it comes to shadow pigmentation. So, although whitening products may never disappear, Juvia’s Place creating the world’s most pigmented eyeshadow palettes helps to alleviate the distorted ideals that support them. Black and brown are just as beautiful as white, so let’s make an effort to stop perpetuating colorism and poisoning expectations of beauty by supporting Juvia’s Place and all the brand stands for. All of the amazingly and most pigmented Juvia’s Place makeup products mentioned above are available on just4girls.pk/blog. Let’s begin a new era of celebrating diversity. It is our job as role models to step up and do our part in reminding the younger generation that beauty is never skin deep. Thanks to Juvia’s Place, we are hopeful and optimistic that we can change within a generation. Remember ladies, pigment is BEAUTIFUL!

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