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Our hands do so much for us, so it’s very important we take care of them. Image Credit: Weebly.


I was working at my computer today when I looked down and noticed I had been neglecting to properly care for my hands. I then realized I don’t put as much time or effort into caring for my hands as I should.

Taking care of our hands is just as important as taking care of our faces. The hands also are one of the first places to show signs of anti-aging, as we tend to put a lot of strain on them in our day to day lives. Cooking, cleaning, working ( whether outdoors or indoors), puts our hands under a lot of stress. Exposure to environmental elements and chemicals also cause damage to our hands.

The skin on the top of our hands is thinner, which makes it more prone to being dry, while our skin on our palms is much thicker, so these are things to think about and consider when caring for the hands.

Here are some ways to care for your hands:
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Keep them clean

You don’t necessarily have to use an anti-bacterial soap, but you do need a moisturizing one. Washing and drying our hands is important for hygiene, but using harsh soaps can dry the skin out and eventually damage the tissue. I like this Dettol Skin Care Moisturizing Hand Wash. It is also antibacterial, so it not only rids your hands of harmful bacteria, but it keeps them soft as well.

Even though most of us have been taught to wash our hands in warm to hot water, lukewarm is actually the recommended temperature. Washing your hands in hot water not only can damage them, but dry the skin out.

It’s not a good idea to over wash hands, either. I usually only wash my hands before I eat and after using the restroom when it comes to daily routines. If you’ve been working outside and have dirt or grime on them, then you definitely want to wash those off also.
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Clean under the nails

I don’t know why, but always tend to forget about caring for my nails and nail beds when it comes to hand care. I tend to think of the fingernails as a separate entity, which they absolutely are not. The condition of our hands also impacts our nails and their growth.

Use a nail brush, or a clean toothbrush ( not the one you brush your teeth with, or an old one…a separate one just for cleaning nails ) and gently scrub under the nails. This will remove any trapped dirt or debris and will help exfoliate your fingertips as well.



Take care of your nails and cuticles

You can have long fingernails; just make sure that you’re grooming them properly. You also want to make sure your cuticles are trimmed, neat and pushed back.

Not taking care of the cuticles can result in skin peeling, swelling, flaky skin and sometimes, infection. This is why it’s always a wise idea to invest in a good manicure ( and or pedicure ) set and get into a habit of using them weekly, if not daily. I like this Atiqa Odho Color Cosmetics Rock Star Manicure and Pedicure Kit as well as this VLCC Pedicure and Manicure Kit.

Exfoliate your hands once a week

Just like exfoliating our faces is beneficial for keeping skin healthy, the same applies to our hands. You don’t want to over do it, though. Once a week is good enough. I like to wash my hands with a homemade sugar scrub. I mix sugar and coconut oil and it’s really good for easy exfoliation.
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Use hand cream regularly

This is the area I tend to forget about also. We all should be using cream on our hands several times a day. Evoluderm has a great selection of hand creams. One of my favorites is this Evoluderm Cocoa Hand Cream. It is gentle enough for daily use and harnesses cocoa butter and glycerin to hydrate and soften hands.

How do you pamper your hands?  Post a pic and use hashtag #Just4GirlsPK to share with us!

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