How to Wear Matte Lipsticks During the Winter

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It’s easy to rock beautiful matte lips this winter! Image Credit: Cosmopolitan.


Last night, a friend and I were talking about all of the great products which have been hitting shelves this holiday, and we stumbled upon quite a few gorgeous matte lipstick shades we both liked. However, my friend was quick to put her choices back on the shelf. When I asked her why she had decided against getting the lippies she had picked out ( because they looked amazing on her, honestly ), she said it was because mattes didn’t wear well in the winter. Also, she said they dried her lips out too much and she wasn’t pleased with the end result.

After a few moments with a beauty advisor, she quickly rethought her plan to abandon the lip colors. You see, mattes do wear marvelously well in the winter; you just need to know a few tips on how to get the most out of your matte lip product.

First, you have to make sure to condition your lips. There are several ways you can do this. First, you should use a gentle lip scrub ( either a store bought one or just a simple sugar scrub ) each night if you have really dry and cracked lips. You can also rub your toothbrush gently across your lips to help exfoliate them. If you have a good lip balm or lip hydrator, definitely apply a layer each day. At night time, you can put some cocoa butter or shea butter on your lips to help soften them.

Once you get into a good exfoliation routine, you don’t have to do this step each day. Just every other day. The main thing is to keep lips hydrated with balms and butters.

Using a lip balm as a first coat will help your lips remain soft underneath the matte color. I wouldn’t put on a really thick layer, nor would I use something really gummy like shea butter or vaseline jelly. I’d use a light lip balm and then maybe blot it once or twice. You don’t want your lips to be saturated; just pre moistened for the actual color.

Next, you can also apply a primer. Primers not only help your lip colors wear longer but they help cut down on bleeding as well. Apply the primer after the balm base layer. Primers also help define the lines of your lips, especially if you’re contouring.

The next step is totally up to you. You can apply a liquid matte ( which are my favorite, simply because they’re so easy ), or a tube matte. It’s up to you. Also, some people swear by using a lip brush to apply their matte shades. I’ve tried this method and it produces some really gorgeous results. You just have to have a little bit of patience when dealing with this step, though.

Last, add a touch of highlight at the center of your lower lip and on top of your cupid’s bow. You want to have just a hint of highlighter; not a lot. It will help your lipstick look fresh and moist as well as add some definition.


I’m really loving Morphe’s Mega Matte Lipstick. It’s beautiful, velvety, goes on smoothly and doesn’t look dry. has four lovely shades in stock: DominateLoverMorphe and Steamy. Definitely head over and grab one for your own stash!

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