How you can keep your lips soft with these lip balms almost instantly

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Lip balms are essential for your lips during  the cold winter months. Image Credit: @billyves12 via Twenty20.Shop Lip Balms at
Lip balms are essential for your lips during the cold winter months. Image Credit: @billyves12 via Twenty20.

Yes, we all need to be using a good Lip balm all year round. Here’s why:

You may be wondering why your favorite lipstick can’t just do the same job a lip balm does. The truth is, it very well could, depending on the ingredients in your formula. This is because lip balm and lipstick are two different products. They may share common ingredients depending on the brand and formula, but lip balms and lipsticks have very different purposes.

In general, the purpose of lip balms is to provide protection (and sometimes relief) to your lips. They contain hydrating ingredients and elements which help to prevent water loss and give the lips a fuller, more plump appearance. Sometimes lip balms go by different names, such as butters or salves.

Ingredients used in lip balms can include SPFs, shea butter, lanolin, petroleum jelly, coconut oil and even beeswax. Some medicated formulas include menthol and camphor to help calm and soothe irritated lips (as well as give your lips a bit of a chilly tingling sensation).

Today’s lipsticks also contain moisturizing factors as well, unlike some of their past counterparts.

Here is a list of some of my favorite lip balms, all available at

  1. Greenland Bodycare Lip Balm in Coconut: Also available in Strawberry flavor, this formula contains no mineral oils, parabens or paraffin. What this formula does contain are good for you ingredients, such as jojoba oil, shea butter, beeswax and cocoa butter.
  2. W7 Cosmetics Fruity Lip Balm Tin in Atomic Apple: I love the flavor of apple in any type of formula. This tasty lip balm will be like a treat for your lips.
  3. Golden Rose Lip Balm SPF 15 in Cherry: In addition to the amazing flavor, this balm also provides an SPF 15. Contrary to popular belief, your lips need SPF protection as well.
  4. The Body Shop Strawberry Lip Butter: This buttery formula delivers instant hydration and leaves your lips feeling smooth, soft and healthy.

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