I Heart Makeup Dupes All Your Favorite Products and We Ain’t Sad About It

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You know what they say, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery,” and I Heart Makeup knows that all too well. At times, the brand is scrutinized for their fairly blatant dupes of popular, higher priced makeup brands. However, whatever your position on the obvious inspiration gained from other brands, I Heart Makeup offers some great *affordable* products, some which are also more unique to them. At just4girls.pk/blog, we’re sold on the brand and total fans, and not just because they offer dupes of our favorite products, but also because they carry good quality drugstore options that are also cruelty-free. I mean really, at the end of the day, most of us don’t have our whole paychecks to dish out on a single eyeshadow palette. That is where I Heart Makeup steps in to save to day–creating dupes for every best selling, high-end pieces of makeup we’ve all been dying for, but can’t afford. Here are the best I Heart Makeup dupes of cult-favorite beauty products:

  1. I’m sure many of you makeup aficionados are familiar with Too Faced Cosmetics Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette. Well, I Heart Makeup have pretty much duped the entire range. The I Heart Makeup Chocolate Palette is an exact dupe of the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette; they are shade for shade identical. We tried and tested both palettes to compare the similarities and differences–with the only difference being the price, of course. The shade range is exquisite and formula is by far the most buttery and blendable. Best of all, they smell like chocolate, too! If you already own the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette, don’t be tempted to return it. Sorry about your luck, cause you could have literally gotten the exact same product for half of your MAJ’s.
  2. Another Too Faced dupe is the I Heart Makeup Blushing Hearts range, which is available in blushers, bronzers, and highlighters. This range is something to get stoked on because I’m sure we’ve all wanted the Too Faced Sweethearts Blushes, but just simply couldn’t justify the price. Again, the I Heart Makeup Blushing Hearts blushers, bronzers, and highlighters are literally exact dupes (down to the packaging) and retail for less than half of the price. The triple baked Goddess of Love Highlighters are to die for; they are so pigmented and buttery, not even slightly powdery, and simply melt into the skin–not off the skin! All three shades (Golden Goddess, Goddess of Love, and Goddess of Faith) are perfect summer highlights and suit any and every skin tone. They are truly something every highlighter fanatic should own.
  3. The I Heart Makeup Silicone Heart Sponge is a fun tool for flawless blending and has absolutely NO makeup wastage. The sponge is made from premium silicone material to allow you to apply your primer, foundation, concealer, cream/liquid contour and highlight products, and even skin care, without absorbing product allowing you to use and waste less of your product. Moreover, it is super easy to clean with soap and water! Achieving a flawless base has never been so easy–or cheap! These silicone sponges are great alternative to expensive makeup brushes.

I Heart Makeup knows exactly what’s up. They’ve responded to backlash and accusations of being copycats with the following statement: “Dupes are a recognized and celebrated part of the fashion and beauty industry, and consumers love them…we never knowingly infringe any design copyright or patent.” When put like that, it makes sense, right? So, before you go around badmouthing I Heart Makeup dupes saying it is copying your favorite brands and products, just keep in mind that it is trying to make your faves more affordable and accessible. Can’t hate that on that. So, go on just4girls.pk/blog and get all of the best I Heart Makeup dupes before those sell out and you are forced to spend big bucks, or just live without. Why lose or miss out, when you can win and avoid that makeup FOMO with I Heart Makeup 😉

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