If You Haven’t Tried Juvia’s Place Cosmetics, You Really Should

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If you haven’t tried Juvia’s place, you really should. Image Credit: ItsCharissaaa

Juvia’s Place is one of the most exciting and innovative Cosmetic brands on the market. Founded by Chichi Eburu, the brand is known for highly pigmented eyeshadow palettes with exotic color stories.

Eburu, who Nigerian born as well as a wife and mother of two, launched her company because she believed that the beauty industry had nothing that truly represented black culture. “I feel like the market is here, we’re here ( black women ) and we’re beautiful and nobody is listening,” Eburu said during an interview with BGLH Marketplace.*

Queen Nefertiti was Eburu’s choice for the visual branding component of her company because the famous historical figure is a black queen. Eburu stated the idea of a Nubian Queen is representative of a beautiful black woman, thus the reason why she chose Nefertiti to be the visual face of her company. She works hand in hand with an artist who creates the stunning illustrations which adorn Juvia’s Place cosmetics.

Juvia’s Place eyeshadow palettes are different from other palettes due to Eburu’s choice of colors. She always tests the pigments on her skin as well as darker skin tones and chooses colors that will “pop.” If the colors don’t look good, then they aren’t included in the palette. It’s as simple as that. “I want to be able to produce products that women of color can wear comfortably and not look like a clown,” Eburu stated.*

There have been a few bumps along the way for Eburu and her company. A customer service issue made its way into the public eye thanks to social media and soon turned into something far more. After attention was drawn to the issue, the company found itself on the receiving end of racist barrage. Eburu and her staff suffered being called the “n word” so much that unfortunately they had to shut down their Facebook page. Another unfortunate truth Eburu has encountered has to do with skin color itself, even within the community.

“We also see that when we feature dark skin women on our Instagram page, they don’t get as many likes or comments. Since a lot of our customers are black it’s really shocking to see that. Sometimes we even go and look at the pictures some of our followers are liking and we can see that they are black women who are only liking the pictures of light skin or white women. It’s really shocking,” Eburu said.

She states that the biggest lesson she’s learned since bringing Juvia’s Place to life is how powerful social media really is. Especially Instagram.

Eburu also offers these words of wisdom to anyone who has a dream they wish to see fulfilled, whether it be starting their own company or creating something new: “Don’t stop. Don’t give up. I started this company with only $2000. My husband thought it was a joke! He didn’t understand this whole makeup thing. But we’ve done so well, it’s shocking.”*

If you’re looking for the best place to purchase Juvia’s place in Pakistan, then you definitely want to head over to Just4Girls.pk. The site has a really great selections of palettes and lip colors in stock.

Juvia’s Place is one of the industry’s hottest brands, and I couldn’t recommend them more.


*Reference: Juvia’s Place African Inspired by Lisa Jean Francois for BGLH Marketplace.


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