J4G’s Newest Shades of the MUA Super Stylo Satin Finish Lipstick Prove That You Can Never Own Too Many Lipsticks

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The J4G exclusive MUA phase 2 releases call out to this summer’s theme: new bold shades and bursts of vibrant wearable colors (so basically, if the color is on the rainbow, then it is wearable). Along with the phase 2 launch of the MUA Pro 15 Shade Eyeshadow Palette in Cosmic Vixen, we’re releasing 4 new shades of the MUA Super Stylo Satin Finish Lipstick that pair perfectly with the hottest eye makeup palettes for the summer. The shades cater to the spectrum of vibrant, ultra-saturated shades of bright orange, infrared red, and bright violet, as well as looks from the opposite end of the spectrum, as neutral shades in satin textures feel fresh with neon and pastel eyeshadows. Whether you opt for standout brights or sheer washes of pink, peach, or beige, the entire range of the MUA Super Stylo Satin Finish Lipsticks offer something for everyone. See the newest shades, below–all of which can be scooped for less than PKR 600.00: 

  • Superior is a vibrant violet shade that is bold and makes a statement because it is such a striking shade. Pair with First Class (bright neon red) from phase 1 to create an ombré effect.


  • VIP is a coral color, which happens to be the buzziest lip shade of the season. Especially for women with a golden glow, sheer coral is the hottest color this summer. That vivid orange tint will have you ladies reaching for it over and over again. 

  • World Class is a light, almost pastel-y pink shade with a hint of lavender that pops no matter what. It works equally as well on fair skin tones as it does deep. Best of all, it imparts a pretty pink satin finish on the lips with a single swipe. 

  • Super Nude is a shade as classic as they come. If you ladies are looking for an undone look, a neutral shade is the way to go. Don’t worry either, nude is far from boring. Consider experimenting with an ombré effect to keep things interesting. It also tempers any bold shadow while still looking polished and balanced. 

With this latest release, the full range of the MUA Super Stylo Satin Finish Lipsticks are available exclusively on just4girls.pk/blog for PKR 600.00. At that price, you ladies will want to add them all to your beauty stash. Just swipe, go, and enjoy the rest of your summer with these lip colors 🙂

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