Lavaa Lashes are Now Available at J4G, Just in Time for the Holidays

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One of the best ways to complete your holiday makeup look is by adding a set of gorgeous false lashes! That is right ladies; so, whether you are blessed with naturally voluminous lashes or not, a set of lengthy or dramatic falsies can add a ton of glamour to a holiday makeup look in a matter of seconds. It will make your whole makeup look come together and really pop, regardless of whether you choose to go for a full smokey eye with lots of sparkle, or if you do a simple winged liner paired with a red lip. Overall, false lashes are the accent that complete any look, take it to the next level, and draw more attention to eyes–aka the windows to the soul. Holiday and New Year beauty looks are all about fun and glam. So, what says holiday party more than big, fluffy lashes, am I right ladies?!

Depending on the the particular look that you ladies are going for, there is a huge variety of faux lash styles to choose from. You could go for something quite natural just to lengthen, thicken, and boost your natural lashes, or you could go fo a style that is more over the top and dramatic. Conveniently enough, Lavaa Lashes-now exclusively available at an extensive range of luxury 3D Mink Eyelashes that can be tailored to exactly what you ladies are looking for, whether it be something super-natural or the total opposite. In the end, it is all about picking the right pair and knowing how to apply them correctly. If you ladies are wondering where to start, not to worry! We’ve gone ahead and rounded up our favorite styles of Lavaa Lashes that are perfect for rocking at holiday parties and festivities below:

  1. Apart of the Exclusive 3D Mink Collection, Mischief (the name speaks for itself), is designed with length that gradually increases from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eye. Made with thick, dark mink hairs, these lashes are perfect for night glam, adding definition and drama to any holiday look. Best of all, Mischief is perfect for a cat-eye, with its heavier wing–and it lasts up to 30 wears. Did I mention that Cardi B rocks the Mischief Lavaa Lashes in the “Ring” and “Taki Taki” music videos? Yes ladies, these lashes are THAT good!
  2. The Sweetheart Lashes, also apart of the Exclusive 3D Mink Collection, are a great go-to lash. With evenly distributed volume, these lashes blend perfectly with your natural lashes. They are lightweight and fluffy, so perfect for day or night glam. Like the Mischief Lashes mentioned above, they are reusable and last up to 30 wears.
  3. The Sophisticated Lash–apart of the Invisible 3D Mink Collection–is perfect for all the daytime holiday parties. This lightweight, clear-band style is made with a criss-cross pattern, to blend in with your natural lashes. The clear band allows for a natural look, making this one a simple option that last up to 25 wears.
  4. The Lima Lashes, apart of the Famous Faux Collection, are one of the more flattering pair of lashes. They increase in length throughout the band and are perfect for night time holiday party glam by creating a captivating look. These lashes are synthetic and vegan, and last between 10-15 wears.
  5. The Zeta Lash, also apart of the Famous Faux Collection, is a fluffy and lightweight lash. This style brings length and definition, with a comfortable feel for easy-going, yet still glam vibes at all your holiday parties. This lash also lasts between 10-15 wears. Remember to be gentle with them and avoid pulling the lashes when cleaning off glue. Most importantly, avoid use of mascara to prolong the life the lashes.

Ultimately, not all fake lashes are created equal. With Lavaa Lashes, however, you ladies can accentuate what you have naturally with a “I grew these myself look,” or make your lashes look like a set of gorgeously fluttering butterfly wings. Whether you ladies want to sport a natural look, a doe-eyes look, a flared edge look, a full and flirty look, or even a customizable look, Lavaa Lashes has a set for you. All of our favorite styles of Lavaa Lashes mentioned above are now exclusively available in Pakistan on Be the first to get them and complete your holiday look! Trust–these will be going like hot cakes this season 🙂

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