Lavaa Lashes are On Sale for Ramadan, and We’ve Got A Pair That Fits Every Budget and Taste

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We’re a week into Ramadan, and I don’t know about you ladies–but I’m feeling pretty blessed. The blessings are overflowing this time of year, and J4G is playing its part, too, with all of our Ramadan sales events. On top of the Midnight Sales that keep getting better and better as this blessed month goes on, we’ve also got a flat 20% off Lavaa Lashes! Yes ladies, you read right–Lavaa Lashes are on sale!!! So, whether you’re blessed with naturally voluminous lashes or not, a set from the Exclusive 3D Mink Collection, the Famous Faux Collection, or the Invisible 3D Mink Collection can add a ton of glamour to any makeup look in a matter of seconds.

You see ladies, despite the growing number of people adding false lashes to their makeup routines, the common misconception surrounding them is that they’re difficult to apply or look too obvious. With Lavaa Lashes, however, there are lots of different varieties of lashes that come in all shapes and sizes–some being strips that give you full-fledged anime eyes! In the end, it is all about picking the right pair and knowing how to properly apply them. Once you nail the technique, they are so much fun to wear (and remove–anyone else love the crazy satisfying feelings of peeling them off?) So, if you ladies are wondering where to start, below are J4G’s favorite Lavaa Lashes from different collections for every lash goal:

  1. The Sweetheart Lashes, apart of the Exclusive 3D Mink Collection, are a J4G go-to lash. Made with thick, dark mink hairs, the Sweetheart Lashes evenly distribute the volume and blend perfectly with natural lashes. They are lightweight and fluffy, so perfect for day or night glam. Best of all, they are reusable and last up to 30 wears.
  2. The Lima Lashes, apart of the Famous Faux Collection, are one of the more flattering pairs of falsies we’ve seen at J4G. They increase in length throughout the band and are perfect for Ramadan Iftar glam by creating breath-taking and captivating looks. These specific lashes are synthetic and vegan, and last between 10-15 wears. Most importantly ladies, remember to be gentle with these lashes and avoid pulling them when cleaning of glue. Also, avoid using mascara to prolong the life of the lashes.
  3. The Sophisticated Lashes, apart of the Invisible 3D Mink Collection, are perfect for Iftars and Sehri or Suhoor get togethers, alike. The lightweight, clear-band style is made with a criss-cross pattern that easily blends in with the natural lashes. The clear band allows for a natural look, making this pair one of the more simpler options. Best of all, these lashes last up to 25 wears!

Ultimately ladies, none of us are trying to be caught sleeping on our beauty game–even during Ramadan. In fact, it is more about upping the ante this month. It is about detoxing, but looking and feeling good while you are doing it–and what better way than by making those eyes pop with Lavaa Lashes. In fact, the best falsies are actually designed to be worn, well, whenever and for whatever, whether its to Sehri (Suhoor) or Iftar. All you need are the right lashes, the correct technique, and a tiny bit of inspo (and a bit of a discount) from J4G–am I right?! Get them while they last ladies!!!

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