Lips, Lips, Lips: Application Tips for Different Lip Shapes

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Did you know you could contour your lips too? Image Credit The Tempest

Lipstick is one of the most purchased beauty product around the world. Regardless of what other products a person wears, whether it be minimal or full face, most every person who walks this earth either owns( or has owned ) at least one lipstick product during their lifetime.

Just like we all have different face and body shapes, our lip shapes are all unique as well.

Here are the best ways to apply lipstick to suit your individual lip shape:
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1. Prime:

You definitely want to use a good primer, regardless of what shape your lips are. I’m really in the school of thought that if there is a primer for your product, use it. Primers help your products last longer and they provide a more even surface. When you use primers consistently, you will start to notice a difference in how your products look and in how long they wear. I definitely suggest this MUA Pout Prime .
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2. Invest in a good liner:

I know, I know. There are tons of Instagram videos where we see an Influencer applying lipstick without a liner using only the doe foot wand or the bullet tip. They make it seem effortless, and yes, you can contour your lips this way. However, if you want a really precise line and more control over your product, a liner is a sound investment. It prevents bleeding, and you can contour your lips with the liner then put the lip color over it. It helps create depth and interest.
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3. If your upper lip is more prominent than your bottom lip: 

You want to line your lips from center to the outside, following your natural lip shape. To add depth and contrast, use a slightly darker shade of lip color to your top lip and slightly lighter to the bottom lip. Some people like to take a darker liner and draw in contour lines on their top lip to add depth. If you don’t have a Lip Palette, I would definitely invest in one. This MUA Pro Paintbox Lip Palette has five shades in the same color family and would be perfect for contouring and highlighting the lips.
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4. If you have thin lips:

Apply your liner to the outside of your natural lip line. This helps your lips appear larger and fuller. You definitely want to smudge the lipstick line inward to make it appear more natural and not cartoonish looking. It helps to have a good lip brush, like this MUA L1 Lip Brush.
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5. If you’re bottom lip heavy:

You definitely want to use the same lip color for both bottom and top lip color. Use liner to line the natural shape of your lip and apply a highlighter, dab of white liner or white eyeshadow to the top of the upper lip ( the cupid’s bow ) to make the lips pop and have a seamless appearance.

One of the best and easiest to follow lipstick how-to guides I’ve found on the internet. I keep a copy of this in my cloud so I can access it from all of my devices at a moment’s notice. Image Credit Style Me Kimberly

The image I posted above is a wonderful resource to use for shaping the lips. I definitely encourage you guys to try these tricks and see how they work!

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