Longer Lashes With The Revlon Mascara Collection!

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Beauty trends and seasons, they come and go. However, one thing that is forever is mascara. Mascara is a cult-classic–something we just can’t live without, regardless of the latest beauty trends that come with changing seasons. Unless I actually live to see the day when short lashes are in (yikes), beautiful, long lashes will ALWAYS AND FOREVER be a thing.

There are numerous variables to to take into consideration when investing in the perfect mascara, and everyone is different with what they want. Some people want no clump, some people want an evenly-spaced, natural look, others want a voluminous, false lash look. All of these factors play into length–which is the purpose of mascara after all, right?

Well, I’ve got some great news! Revlon has graced us with a new mascara collection! The collection really goes the distance in delivering a different and unique approach to switching up your lash look, depending on the look you are going for. The collection includes 5 different mascaras: red, magenta, teal, blue, and purple. The red-capped mascara is the ultimate all-in-one: length, volume, definition, lift, and intense pigment. The magenta-capped mascara is formulated to help with ultra volume. The teal-capped mascara gives super length. The blue-capped one is for magnified volume and length, aka thickness. The purple-capped one gives dramatic definition.

The best thing about this collection is that they are not just five different brushes sitting in tubes of the same formula. The mascara itself (formula) is all completely different. The red-capped, Ultimate All-In-One Mascara is the smallest of the bunch with a rubber, oval-shaped brush. It is hollow in the center so it can deliver the most product to each individual lash. It provides great length, and a lot of volume. The magenta-capped, Ultra Volume Mascara has a dense brush with grooved bristles. This one is great for massive, volumized lashes like never before. The teal-capped, Super Length Mascara’s brush has tapered bristles that allow you to grab and lengthen your lashes from the inner eye outward. All I can say is: long, lush, and in love! The blue-capped, Volume + Length Magnified Mascara has a square-shaped brush with dense bristles and a domed tip. This one lengthens and plumps the lashes without adding weight or leaving unnecessary product clinging to the lashes. The blue-capped one is a hit; the mega volume and length attract from afar! The last of the collection, the purple-capped, Dramatic Definition Mascara has a tiny brush with close set rubber teeth. This one is for bold, clump-free lashes that entice. The formula is very light and smooth. The plus with the purple-capped one is that it glides through the lashes and does a great job of coating each lash without buildup.

Ultimately, I am totally sold on the Revlon Mascara Collection. This collection really proves to do it all, and most importantly: lengthens! The answer to our long lash prayer is here ladies! All 5 of the mascaras from the Revlon Mascara Collection are available on Pakistan’s number one cosmetics website, Just4Girls.pk. Get them while they are still available! Switch up your look while maintaining those long, hot lashes. I can already feel the heat!

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