Love is in the Air and so is Perfume this Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day brings a lot of emotions forward. For those who are in a relationship you have to show your appreciation, and for those who are single you are reminded of how single you are. Can we get rid of this archaic thinking in 2018? Valentine’s Day should be one where you can appreciate love for what it is. Whether it be love for your partner, your parents, your friends or yourself. People go hella extra on this day telling the world how lucky they are to have a boy/girlfriend. We get it, you love them, but you don’t have to shove it down all our throats. I hope I am not sounding bitter because I truly am not. I think love should be celebrated on a daily basis not just one day. Also if you are single like me you are very much reminded how single you are. That is why I love Parks & Recreation so much; it’s an amazing TV show where the lead character introduces a concept called Gal-entine’s Day. This is a rebranding of the day where you celebrate the day with you girls and showcase girl-power and love.

I am a true celebrator of Gal-entine’s Day. I have some of the most amazing girl friends a person could ask for. I am blessed beyond belief to have these ladies in my life and to show that appreciation I gift them a perfume every year. This year is no different; I searched around and found them each a scent that suits their personality. Here my top picks of perfumes to slightly spoil my best mates with:

Ellen Tracy Eau De Parfum Spray (PKR 3,999) – This is the perfect scent for the sweetheart in your life. This parfum has such a femininity and elegance about it. Composed of delicious fruit and ethereal flowers any women no matter what age will love. The top notes are peach, plum and some citrus, finished off with sandalwood.
Ellen Tracy Parfume

Oriflame Memories Flirting Under Fireworks Eau De Toilette (PKR 1,399) – I personally love sweet smells and this scent truly delivers. The romantic notes of oriental vanilla and white rose mix together creating a sweet praline trail of passion.
Oriflame Memories Flirting Under Fireworks

Saeed Ajmal Habiba Perfume (PKR 100) – I love this tiny bottle because it is the perfect size to throw into your bag for work. Enclosed in the bottle is a delicately sweet berries and stone fruits. The extra bonus, the scent is unisex, perfectly suitable for women and men!
Saeed Ajmal – Habiba

Body Fantasies Signature – Romance & Dreams (PKR 899) – What screams romance more that Paris – nothing. Not technically a perfume, but just as delectable this body spray is the perfect dreamy scent infused with fresh flower petals and sweet fruit.
Body Fantasies – Romance & Dreams

Greenland Bodycare Fruit Emotions Body Mist Strawberry-Anise (ON SALE PKR 2,500) – Again not a perfume but just as nice, this body mist is perfect for a light showering of strawberries. A modern twist on a age old of scent of strawberries; indulge in sweet and juicy scent combined with anise seed and tangy spice.
Greenland – Strawberry & Anise



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