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Are you a makeup lover and wanting to switch up and make your make up game stronger? Then you are in for a treat because we have collected some new tips and tricks that have worked for us and we really want you to give them a try, keep reading and you will be thanking us at the end of this blog! 

Getting that foundation right! 

Some of us love a good base and applying it daily we really want a foundation finish so it doesn’t look cakey and too much on the face. Foundation should feel like second skin and if you are someone who wants their foundation right then here’s a small tip for you to follow up in your routine to get the perfect looking base: 

After washing your face apply your moisturiser gently all over your face, moisturiser is key to a good base. After you have applied a layer of moisturiser pick up your go-to translucent powder and a powder brush and lightly dab it all over your face, don’t take too much! Always remember that make up less is more because then you can build it up. 

Grab your favourite makeup setting spray and spray it all over your face, give the spray 10 seconds to dry properly. When it has semi-dried, pump out a few pumps of your primer and gently apply it all over your face. After you have done this your skin is foundation ready! Grab a beauty blender or a foundation brush and apply your foundation all over your face. This hack really works and will change your foundation game and bring your skin and look to a next level! It stays smooth throughout the day without greasing, who doesn’t want that?

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Model makeup look: 

We all want to look like we just got out of bed looking fresh and glowy but it takes a lot of work to have a glowy fresh look. Here’s what we have summarised for you, get that bushy eyebrow and bronzed glowy face in just 5 minutes! How easy? Keep reading to find out. 

You need to begin with a hydrated face, get that moisturiser on your face and apply it all over. Secondly remember to spot conceal! Apply concealer under your eyes, on your upper lips and below the lips and on any other areas where you have hyperpigmentation or spots. Follow up by lightly setting the parts that you concealed. Grab a soap, and a spoolie now run the spoolie in upwards motion on your brows to get that feathery bushy eyebrow look. Grab your favour bronzer and apply some on your eyelid to give a lifted look and bronze your jaw, to get that jawline. Blend it and apply blush, go bold here. Follow up by applying mascara only at the end of your eyelashes to give a cat eye look and you’re good to go! Hello, glowy face!
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Gradient lips are the new lip trend! 

Have you heard how in trend gradient lips are these days? Want to easily achieve that look, well here’s how it’s done. Easy, quick and gives a good look! 

Apply a pea-sized amount of concealer on your lips and dab it all over them with a beauty blender or make use of your fingers, no harm. Now grab a pink-nude lip color and lightly dab it on your finger and apply it all over your lip giving your lips a natural pink look. Now grab a dark lip color, probably a maroon color and using your finger dab it ok the inner side of your upper and lower lip both. Now for the last step, grab a clear gloss and apply it all over your face, ta-da gradient lips are done!

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Fox eye without an eye liner: 

Some Days it’s just not about being bold it’s about getting a good makeup look. Well here’s a pretty simple way to ace that fox eye. All you need is a card, a dark brown eye shadow, a lighter transition shade, a black eye shadow, and last but not least mascara. 

Grab your card and keep it on the edge of your face upwards now, grab your eyeshadow brush and swipe it on the dark brown shadow and apply it on the edge of the eye moving upwards similar to how you would do an eye liner. Now using the transition shade apply it on the curve of your eye and blend it with the dark brown shade, using the black eye shadow and an eye liner brush move it along your inner corner and keep going with your eyelash line till the end of your eye, same way you’d apply eyeliner. After this is done, apply some mascara and you’re good to go. Fox eyes without eyeliner! 

What are you waiting for? Get to work try these items out and if you do not have any of them you need not worry because you can check our website and grab onto the items and get your make-up game strong!

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