Makeup tips for all the lovelies out there with gorgeous hooded eyes!

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Are you looking for the best way to bring out those gorgeous hooded eyes of yours?

It can be easy to be intimidated by the insane amount of professional Makeup Artists posting their seemingly flawless looks all over Insta, Youtube and Facebook. Especially if you’re a beginner. One thing I personally had to do was keep in mind that every single professional on this planet was a beginner at one point in their lives. Everyone was searching for answers, practicing their craft and making mistakes.

Sometimes learning the correct way to apply makeup revolves around trial and error. Sure, there are fundamentals and basic “rules,” but eventually, those too are meant to be broken. Every single human being on this planet is unique; no two of us are alike. That means none of us will have the exact same skincare or makeup regimen as the next person.

One of the main hurdles we face is creating eyeshadow and eyeliner looks which suit our eye shape and color.

This article is a short beauty tutorial tailored especially for the beautiful ladies with hooded eyes. All of the products are available exclusively at

Take a selfie and use markup/editing tools to draw your eye shape

Trust me on this one. I’ve done it myself and it works. This is actually a trick I learned from Animation and Character Design classes. Sometimes we get too close to the problem and our brain starts to reject any new ideas or headway we might need to make.

Take a picture or have a friend take a picture of just your eyes. Take an open eye shot and a closed eye shot. If you need to, crop the photo. Then use an editing software ( phone picture markup tools, sketchbook pro, adobe, procreate) to trace the outline of your eyes in the open shot. What you’re doing is visualizing where to minimize and maximize your eyeliner line. Practice until you come up with a look that you love (and one that doesn’t make your eyes disappear or be overwhelmed by the line quality).

Eyeshadow primer is your friend!

Once I finally started using eyeshadow primer, I never wanted to be without it again. It makes such a difference in my beauty routine. This product prevents smearing and smudging, which tends to be an ongoing battle for our beauties out there with hooded eyelids. MUA Professional Eye PrimerHard Candy Eyes The Limit Eye Primer, Dermacol Eyeshadow Base, and Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion are our top picks ( and all are available at ).

Also, be sure to apply your eyeshadow with your eyes open, as this Buzzfeed article suggests.

Choose a good eyeliner.

The eyeliner you choose can make or break this look. That’s as basic as it gets. When dealing with hooded eyes, your specific challenge is keeping your look from disappearing when you open your eyes. I like to start off with a kohl/pencil liner like this MUA Intense Colour Eyeliner in Lights Out. You want to start with the outer corner and work your way in, but only line half or a third of your eyelid, according to This ensures your liner will be seen whether your eyes are open or shut.  I also recommend using MUA Intense Colour Eyeliner in Wish List on the inner corners of your eyes. This provides a gorgeous contrast and helps the darker color pop that much more.

Don’t shy away from liquid eyeliner.

Don’t be fooled; everyone has the potential to rock liquid eyeliner; hooded eyes included. If you need some extra practice, then use your kohl pencil to create a guideline, then trace over with your liquid. Again, you want to stay close to the waterline so your lines will be visible. Keep your eyes open for at least thirty seconds to make sure the formula dries before blinking; otherwise, you might end up with a mess. MUA Eyeliner Luxe Precision in Black is an excellent choice for a budget friendly and long-wearing product.

Create an elongated wing.

This is going to help open up your eyes, according to You also might want to consider using a gel eyeliner for the wings. MUA’s Gel Eyeliner in Underground is a perfect choice for this. It will give you long-lasting and dramatic cat-eyes.

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