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Everything will be coming up roses with these mini-bar picks of the day! Image Credit: Videezy.

The time for really great deals is now upon us, and there are a lot of new things over at to stock up on before they’re gone! Personally, I recommend going to the site and browsing the Mini Bar, because there is nothing better than makeup minis, in my opinion.

I’ve put together another list of  Mini-Bar items that I love and that I think you’ll love too!

  1. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Mini: Universally known as the miracle serum in the “little brown bottle,” this is one of the best and most effective serums you can buy. It repairs skin while you sleep, not to mention it’s become pretty much an all purpose beauty ingredient. You can cocktail it with your foundation for a satin, glowing finish, or you can use it as is. This is a good size which will give you about a week’s worth of testing out. We used to give these in our gift with purchase events when I worked for Lauder, and it almost always prompted the customer to return and purchase a full size version.
  2. Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in Outlaw Mini: Despite some recent criticism Kat Von D has received in the media during the past few months, there is no arguing that her products are some of the best on the market. The Everlasting Liquid Lipstick collection is revered by Influencers across the globe as being one of their top ten lip products. This mini version is a great way to test drive the formula and see for yourself.
  3. Ulta Beauty Mini Eyeshadow Palette: I’ve tried the full sized Ulta eyeshadow palettes, and they’re worth every penny. This is a really good deal for six shades of really luxe pigment. It would make a great gift, or a really good item to keep in your travel emergency makeup kit.
  4. Winky Lux Glazed Lip Gloss in Coffee: I’ve owned this shade, and it’s really beautiful. I kind of consider it a pretty good dupe for Rihanna’s lip Gloss Bomb. It gives your lips a really beautiful shimmery honey look.
  5. Fenty Beauty Kilawatt Freestyle Highlighter Mini: If you’ve been dying to try out Fenty Beauty, but it’s not been within your budget, now’s your time to experience it for a fraction of the price. I’ve tested these in person, and the formula is pigmented, blendable and buttery soft.
  6. Fenty Beauty Universal Gloss Bomb Mini: This is the introductory Gloss Bomb shade, and now it’s available in mini form. I’ve seen this gloss on literally every skin type, and yes, it absolutely is universal.
  7. Hello Fab Ginger and Turmeric Vitamin C Jelly Mask Mini: Hello Fab is a brand I’m just now getting to know and it’s a really cool line. I’ve made masks with these ingredients at home before ( minus the jelly ), and though effective, the process is really messy. Now you can try this mask out for a week or two ( I would only do this two times a week ) and see if it works for you.

There were so many Mini Bar items I found that I had to break this series up into two parts. Be sure to continue reading for more!


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